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last updated 17/06/2016

McDonald’s celebrates 40 years in New Zealand by going back to 1976

by Media Release

last updated 17/06/2016

June 2016 - 75 cent Big Macs as Macca’s Queen Street revisits the good old days
The very first McDonald's in New Zealand opened 40 years ago today in Porirua

McDonald’s celebrated 40 years in New Zealand by winding back the clock to 1976.

On 7 June, from 10am to 2pm Macca’s Queen Street was completely transformed, retrofitted to 1970’s décor and serving up the original menu and at 1976 prices. Customers were able to get a Big Mac for 75 cents, French fries for 45 cents and a soft drink for 30 cents.

The first McDonald’s opened at Cobham Court, Porirua on 7, June 1976. More than 100 eager customers queued outside waiting for the doors to open at 10am.  The original menu featured the Big Mac (75c), Quarter Pounder (65c), Quarter Pounder with Cheese (75c), Filet-O-Fish (65c), Cheeseburger (40c) and Hamburger (30c). Read the story behind opening the first McDonald's in New Zealand.

Original Queen Street manager and current franchisee, Mark Jenkins reminisces on his years at McDonald’s, “I’m proud to have been with McDonald’s since the beginning. Over the years I’ve seen many innovations from launching a breakfast menu and McCafe, through to introducing Create Your Taste, moving to free range eggs and All Day Breakfast.

“Despite growing and changing over the years, McDonald’s is still serving those core menu items customers were lining up for in 1976,” he adds.

McDonald’s Director of Marketing, Chris Brown, says McDonald’s is excited for crew and customers to take a walk down memory lane by transforming the Queen Street restaurant.

“40 years is a big milestone and we wanted to celebrate with something special. We’re hoping customers will join in on the fun and enjoy the experience,” he adds. 

Macca’s Queen Street was open to the public in all its ‘70s glory from 10am-2pm, serving up the original 1976 including six classic McDonald’s burgers ranging in price from 30 cents to 70 cents, fries, drinks and dessert.

The original menu items and prices

Big Mac


¼ Pounder


¼ Pounder with cheese








French fries - medium


Hot Apple Pie


Shakes - Strawberry or Chocolate


Soft drinks - medium


Note: customers will be limited to only ordering six items.

What else happened in 1976?

  • John Walker and the New Zealand Hockey team won gold at the Montreal Olympics
  • The first National Provincial Championship (NPC) was held and Bay of Plenty was crowned Division One champions
  •  The All Backs toured South Africa in defiance of the United Nations call for a sporting embargo of the republic
  • Dawn raids on the homes of alleged overstayers intensified in October
  • Kiwis protested visits from nuclear powered and armed vessels the USS Truxtun and USS Long Beach
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