last updated 31/07/2009

Fastway founder receives lifetime achievement award

last updated 31/07/2009

September 2005 - Bill McGowan, Fastway Couriers' founder and chairman, has been recognised for his contribution to the franchising in New Zealand franchise industry with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Franchise Association of New Zealand. The award is one of only two the Association has given since its establishment in 1996.

Mr McGowan was presented with the award at a special meeting of the Franchise Association (FANZ) FANZ Chairman Mike Henderson. Mr Henderson said Mr McGowan was an icon to the franchising industry.

'With this award we are acknowledging not just Bill’s 20-plus years in franchising but also his pioneering vision. Bill has contributed greatly to the New Zealand franchising industry, and he has also shown how it can be done if you want to export your business,' he said.

Fastway – which operates in 12 countries globally – is one of the few New Zealand franchise systems to be successfully exported overseas, and set an example that many others could follow, Mr Henderson said. 'More than 70% of the franchise businesses operating in New Zealand are developed here, and as franchise systems reach saturation point in this country more and more would need to be looking at overseas markets for expansion and growth.'

'And if it were me, the person I would be seeking advice from is Bill.'

From One Van To Global Leadership

Bill McGowan founded Fastway couriers 23 years ago with a single courier van. Fastway is now arguably the most successful locally grown franchise system to expand offshore. It has annual sales of $258 million, is the largest global courier franchise in the world, and operates more than 1200 franchisees in 12 countries. It has achieved steady growth since its beginnings in 1983, although its financial performance in the past year has been exceptional, with double-digit growth across its network.

The company has won over 25 awards, including overall Franchise System of the Year three times in New Zealand and Australia, and Bill McGowan has headed the World Franchise Council.

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