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Woolgro is a proven all-natural system to establish premium lawns using our innovative pre-seeded lawn mats, benefiting the customer and the environment. You don’t have to have a landscaping background – just be customer-focused and enjoy working outdoors, building a business based on excellent service.

The opportunity

The all-natural Woolgro mat fertilises, stores moisture, suppresses weeds and accelerates growth. We have developed a simple and dependable system for quoting, preparing, laying and caring for our installed lawns. Woolgro offers a new and unique way to grow a lawn from seed in the customer’s soil type and environment, enabling you to work with nature for the good of the envirnment. Our system is quick and easy to install and offers a premium lawn at a lower price than turf lawns, and because it is so light and fast to install it returns excellent margins to franchisees.

A quality lawn is the finishing touch to every garden and home makeover. Our aim is for a Woolgro lawn to be the best lawn in the street. We offer a written guarantee to the customer for every lawn prepared and installed by a Woolgro franchisee. We don’t lay and walk away - every lawn is checked regularly until it is ready for the first mow (typically 3-6 weeks after laying).

Our product has been designed to enable successful grass growth for the majority of the year in most areas of New Zealand. The woollen mat insulates the seed during cooler months. During the summer the mat stores moisture around the seed to ensure quick and even germination. 

Skills & training

Full onsite training working with our installers is provided, as well as some time spent in the office on our quoting software. The amount of time required for a new franchisee to get up to standard will depend on prior experience, but generally 3-6 weeks is required to cover most areas of the Woolgro manual. In the first year franchisees complete a Level 3 Diploma in turf care covering preparation, establishment, weed identification, fertilisers and care etc. 

Our franchisees ideally:

  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Are motivated by quality work and results
  • Enjoy working outside in a variety of locations
  • Have a desire to build a strong business based on excellent service, first class results and a great reputation.

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Franchisee testimonials

Woolgro is easy to install, it’s a good product with a good storey making it easy to sell, but the real difference is the excellent results it gives. My clients are very happy.

Gerard – Central Auckland Franchisee

It was the quality of the lawns and the Woolgro guarantee that attracted me to a Woolgro franchise. A Woolgro lawn is second to none.

Mike - West Auckland Franchisee

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