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Own and manage a Cutshop® programming and production team, producing high quality cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, garage shelves, and more. Cutshop franchisees provide bespoke products in a vibrant residential new-build and renovation sector where existing trade production can’t keep up with the growing market.

Cutshop® cut, edge, drill, deliver.

We cut plywood, acrylics, plastics, particle board, MDF and ACM into any shape you want. From large production runs to individual products.

Cutshop® is a successful business offering contract cutting services. Our customers are kitchen designers, cabinet makers, shop fitters and DIY enthusiasts  who value consistently high quality service and a fast turnaround. 

We Cut - Cutshop® offers cutting services for residential and commercial fit outs and bespoke projects. From kitchens, bathrooms and garages in the home through to office, healthcare, hospitality, retail and even campervan fitouts, our cutting service delivers stunning results every time.

We Edge - Cutshop® offers edging services for cabinetry, panels and benchtops. From homes to hotels to hospitals - wherever a premium appearance meets high bond strength and moisture, bacteria, and heat resistant finishes.

We Drill - Cutshop® offers pre-drilled holes for construction, hardware, shelf placement and cut-outs for a clean finish and accurate placement. We can also help with a broad range of hardware, hinges, handles and other innovative systems from a range of suppliers Blum, Stefano Orlati, Hardie fastners, Hafele, Archant, CAM Solutions, Designatek, Enko, Hettich & more.

We Deliver - Cutshop® offers local delivery, 3PL (3rd party logistics) delivery or collection.

Cutshop®​ is a growing network with four busy factories in Auckland, Waikato and Hawke’s Bay, and with a new West Auckland branch opening soon. There are nine more territories available in New Zealand.

This proven concept and solid franchise model is eager to find motivated people who want to “be in business for themselves, but not by themselves,” supported by the experience and professionalism of the ​Cutshop® team.

Recent Cutshop® projects

Cabinet maker:

“Without Cutshop® I’d be at a bit of a loss. I’d be doing less cabinetry stuff and trying to focus more on furniture. I’d be doing a lot more manual work on a saw - it would be pretty tedious. While things are bubbling away with Cutshop® I can be working on other stuff in the workshop - it’s not here taking up extra space”.

DIY enthusiast:

“Cutshop® was very helpful, professional and experienced and we would recommend everybody in need of customised cabinets to consider Cutshop® as their first choice”.

Bespoke project:

“It was a great straightforward and transparent process. All my questions were answered quickly and with as much detail as I needed to understand the process. Obviously, the result couldn’t have been anywhere near as good if I had tried to do something like cut these at home with a sawhorse and jigsaw, the precision is a godsend!”

Custom-made kitchens​ and cabinets for tiny homes and premium cabins:

“We build 10 to 15 cabins a year. Although we offer a standard range of sizes and layouts, we can do anything the customer wants inside. With Cutshop, our customers really have the option to make the space their own.”

Kitchen designer​ and builder:

“Working with Cutshop has been the single biggest factor in my business success. I’ve been very surprised at how reasonable it is to use Cutshop, especially when you get such good pricing for materials like MDF – I can’t source it for less. And only dealing with one supplier means that I don’t have to spend time chasing up orders. It’s all done for me.”

"The best trailer in the world":​

Cutshop collaborated to produce the almost indestructible, thermoplastic stone guard that sits at the front of each trailer to protect the high-value vehicles from damage while they are in transit.

Tabletops​ for commercial furniture company:

“The accuracy and finish were brilliant, it was a very high-quality job. Cutshop really know what they’re doing – and they stand out from their competitors.”

The opportunity

The opportunity that ​Cutshop® presents is to own and manage a programming and production team, producing high quality cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, garage shelves, and more.

There is a growing market for cabinetry and home owner desire for bespoke products in a vibrant residential new build and renovation sector where existing trade production can’t keep up!

Prime opportunities to establish and develop a ​Cutshop® ​franchise have been identified in:

  • Christchurch
  • Wellington
  • Tauranga
  • Northland

There are 2 business model choices, namely an entry level or the full model, each provides for an initial 6-year term which can be renewed twice.

You’ll feel right at home running a​ ​Cutshop® if you’re passionate about working with wood and manufacturing and want to be an owner operator and are focused on customer service.

Andy Ross started Cutshop® Hawke’s Bay in August 2021: 

Andy Ross, Cutshop Hawke's Bay
Andy Ross

“The process from start to finish was faultless. Working with Simon and André was amazing and they really put any nerves to bed. André provided practical hands-on support every step of the way, coming down each month to work with me developing the franchise”.

“For anyone thinking of embarking on a franchise journey with Cutshop®, give it a go. Don’t be scared as you will be well supported every step of the way”.

— Andy Ross


Dave and Debbie Sutherland started Cutshop® North Shore in November 2015: 

Dave and Debbie Sutherland, Cutshop North Shore
Dave & Debbie Sutherland

I’m very analytical – I took the ruler over the business and found the business model to be very solid. It’s incredibly well researched, the machinery is the best in the world and this along with the franchise system is the result years of research and good practice.”

Being your own boss is a dream I know a lot of guys have in mid-career – you reach the point when you’ve worked for so many other people, for so long, it’s about time to stretch your wings and do something yourself. It takes guts but it provides great freedom, although it’s hard work. I’m definitely more content because I made that decision.”

—  Dave

Support for success

Cutshop® is a p​roven franchise system with accompanying manuals and resources for new franchisees, as well as support and guidance from the NZ franchisor and other franchisees - who meet quarterly to swap ideas, stories, learnings, and to plan ahead.

Comprehensive on-boarding for a new franchisee includes:

  1. Support with set up, including premises and machinery to ensure the business gets off to a good start
  2. Local marketing to drive awareness and connections into the local business community
  3. Support in pushing opportunities ​to the new business either from existing franchises or outside
  4. Two months hands-on training with at least two existing franchises. 

High returns are achievable by adding your personality, skills and business experience to a proven business model and system, a strong brand with substantial trade relationships, and expert support from others who have done it.

If you are looking for a hands-on business that provides real growth opportunities and satisfaction, then come have a coffee with us and we will tell you more about why ​Cutshop® is a cut above the rest!

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