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How far is fair?

posted on 22nd March 2017

Australian legislation may impact global franchise model

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More people coming to New Zealand on work visas

posted on 22nd March 2017

21 March 2017 – Record net annual migration levels continue, Statistics New Zealand said today, bringing larger numbers of migrants into the country on work and residence permits.

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Auckland seminars to help franchises grow

posted on 22nd March 2017

A series of five workshops to be held in Auckland in May will give New Zealand franchisors and their leadership teams new insights into best practice methods across a range of topics to help prepare franchise networks for improved performance and growth.

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Settlement reached with Nosh franchisee

posted on 7th March 2017

Veritas Investments has reached a settlement with a franchisee who took down the signs and sought to terminate his Nosh franchise agreement after buying the business just days before Veritas disclosed it was under pressure from its bank to sell the chain.

Although details are confidential, it appears that the franchisee has paid Veritas rather than the other way round. The Nosh Group company has since been sold to a new goup of investors.

Mead's Constellation Drive Food Market had served notice to terminate its franchise, a move disputed by Veritas's Old NGL Ltd.

"Under the terms of the settlement, Constellation Drive Food Market has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to Old NGL Limited to settle all debt, claims and disputes concerning that franchise," Veritas said in a statement to the NZX today.


Net annual migration passes 71,000

posted on 27th February 2017

21 March 2017 – Record net annual migration levels continue, Statistics New Zealand said today, bringing larger numbers of migrants into the country on work and residence permits.

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NBR opens regulation debate again

posted on 26th February 2017

A recent series of articles in the National Business Review has once again raised the topic of possible regulation in New Zealand’s franchise sector.

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Virtual drive-through on the cards

posted on 26th February 2017

An Australian-based Mexican fast food chain has teamed up with Google to create an app-only ordering system aimed at speeding up service and maximising efficiency within its stores. Guzman y Gomez currently has 82 stores in Australia with 8 more planned to open this year, as well as stores in Singapore and Tokyo. It is planning to start franchising soon as a way of building funds for expansion in to the US market. There are no Guzman y Gomez outlets in New Zealand.

Mr Marks said the three drivers of growth would be the chain’s focus on food quality — it has committed to using 100 per cent sow stall-free pork, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef — drive-through and mobile ordering.

More than 20 per cent of GyG’s orders now come through its app, and Mr Marks said he hoped one day that would be 100 per cent. “Eventually we will have counterless stores,” he said.

“I want people to walk into GyG and it’s like an Apple Store, our salespeople are on their phones, everybody’s ordering on the app.”

GyG has been working with the Google’s Zoo team, described as a “creative think tank for brands and agencies”, to bring that vision to life.


Franchise survey questionnaires out in April

posted on 24th February 2017

11 April 2017 - Franchisors are being urged to complete the Franchising New Zealand survey forms to help build a better picture of the sector's importance to the NZ economy

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Clampdown on rogue employers

posted on 23rd February 2017

23 February 2017 - Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has today announced new measures to stop employers who breach immigration and employment law from recruiting migrant workers.

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Economy in a sweet spot

posted on 22nd February 2017

22 February 2017 ­– Latest Economic Overview suggests continuing good news for now

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Mixed prospects for local Chinese businesses

posted on 22nd February 2017

February 2017 – The economic outlook for local Chinese businesses is mixed, according to a survey by accounting software provider MYOB.

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Domino's NZ reports strong first-half profit

posted on 16th February 2017

ASX-listed Domino's Pizza Enterprises, which franchises 106 stores in New Zealand, posted net profit after tax of A$59.7 million ($63.8m) for the six months to January 1 - up 30.8 per cent on the same period the year before. The New Zealand stores were a strong contributor to the results, said NZ general manager Scott Bush.

Group chief executive Don Meij attributed the result to its focus on digital innovation, easy payment solutions and investment in premium ingredients, as well as support for its recently upgraded menu.

In its results briefing, the company sought to reassure shareholders after revealing it had returned A$4.5m in unpaid wages to staff over the last three years and seen 26 franchisees leave after internal audits.

Meij said the there was "no correlation between store profitability and the underpayment of staff wages" and the company had zero tolerance for unethical behaviour.

"I make no apologies for expecting the highest standards from our franchisees," Meij said.


Employment fraud a risk for franchises

posted on 9th February 2017

February 2017 - Employment issues continue to dog the franchise sector in Australia – are New Zealand franchisors prepared?

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New event - Future-Proof your Franchise

posted on 8th February 2017


Veritas sells Nosh for c$4 million

posted on 3rd February 2017

Veritas, which was ordered to sell Nosh or close the outlets by its bank, has sold the struggling chain for $3.98 million. The buyers are apparently a group of anonymous NZ investors going under the name of Gosh Holdings. According to the Companies Office, the newly-formed Gosh is 100 percent owned by Sydney-based New Zealander Andrew Phillips.

Nosh currently has two stores operating under franchise, although the Constellation Drive franchisee recently removed all Nosh signage. No comment has been made so far on the position of franchisees under the new owners. Although Mr Phillips says there will 'certainly' be more stores, it is not clear whether these will be franchised or company-owned.

Phillips, a New Zealand corporate finance specialist who has been based in Australia for 15 years, helped a consortium of New Zealand investors buy Nosh.

He would not identify the "two or three people" behind the purchase, but said they were involved with consumer products in New Zealand.

The group thought Nosh was a "great brand" and believed there was an opportunity to develop it and the chain.

Phillips, the new Nosh chairman, said his Australian base was also a hint as to what the future might hold for the business.

In New Zealand, there would be an internal restructure, but no change for customers with all stores open for business.

"We'll grow the brand there and then assess our options."

He said the company and its overhead costs needed to be looked at, but would not go into any possible job losses.

"We see this as a good opportunity.

"There will be more stores, certainly."

Phillips was confident it could turn Nosh around, and said private ownership would prove a better fit than being publicly listed.



Booze delivery co uses McDonald's to promote

posted on 1st February 2017

An Auckland home delivery company which offers to collect fast food as long as you order alcohol as well is has been taken to task for using McDonald's images on its website without permission. Alcohol abuse watchdogs have expressed concern about the service. The' On The Rocks' website reportedly has no age identification check and lists a number of fast food options that can be ordered, including kebabs, pizza and McDonald's.

A McDonald's spokesman said it was not aware On The Rocks would be delivering its food.

"Aside from Menulog, which is part of our home delivery trial in New Lynn and Glenfield, we don't have any formal relationship with delivery companies," the spokesman said.

He said On The Rocks was using McDonald's images on its website without permission.

"While businesses are able to offer the delivery service, they are not allowed to use our trademarks in their marketing.

"Typically we would ask businesses using our trademarks without our permission to stop doing so," the spokesman said.

The spokesman said he was not aware of any other company selling alcohol alongside McDonald's in New Zealand.


Nosh deadline extended for possible buyer

posted on 31st January 2017

A statement from Verita Investments reads: 'Further to the announcement of 16 January 2017, ANZ has agreed to extend the date for Veritas’ delivery of a proposal for Nosh to 4pm on 2 February 2017, to allow conclusion of negotiations with the
preferred bidder for Nosh.'

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Hell champions disabled training

posted on 31st January 2017

Hell Pizza is continuing to leave its controversial past behind as it builds a reputation as 'champion of the underdog’.

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Optimistic start for franchising in 2017

posted on 31st January 2017

31 January 2017 ­– The latest Franchising Confidence Index survey suggests that franchises are expecting a good year ahead

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NZ franchise survey for 2017

posted on 26th January 2017


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