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Franchise Awards 2017 RESULTS

posted on 12th November 2017

11 November 2017 – There were double celebrations for Just Cabins after the extra room specialists took out both Supreme titles at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. The other big winners this year were franchisees from the regions.

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New Life Members recognised

posted on 11th November 2017

11 November 2017 – The Franchise Association has awarded Life Memberships to three people who have made considerable contributions to the growth of franchising in New Zealand

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Children win thousands for their schools in Christmas competition

posted on 3rd November 2017

2 November 2017 – The Coffee Club’s popular Christmas Cup art competition is back, and kids everywhere are the winners

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NZ Franchise Awards - who will win this year?

posted on 2nd November 2017

We look back at some of the winners and how the Awards have helped New Zealand become the most franchised country in the world

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards take place next week, and everyone is keen to know who will be setting the standards this year. We look back at some of the past winners and how the Awards have helped New Zealand become the most franchised country in the world

While some franchise awards internationally seem to be based upon reputation rather than systems and results (even today, some countries call for entries a scant two weeks before the winners are announced rather than three months as is normal here), the movers behind the initial New Zealand Franchise Awards were keen to ensure that the New Zealand Awards had real relevance to franchisors and franchise buyers.

After establishing the concept, in 1997 the judging process was further developed using a new system based upon the Malcolm Baldrige international quality criteria and with the assistance of one of the few New Zealanders to have won such an award. The criteria measure entrants across six key areas: Leadership & Planning; Customers & Market Focus; Information & Analysis; People; Processes; Results. The Awards were further developed ten years later with the appointment of the Business Excellence Foundation to manage the Awards process - a link that continues to this day.


Handling the media - free seminar for franchisors

posted on 2nd November 2017

Media expert Pete Burdon is presenting a full-day seminar in Auckland to show franchisors how to handle potential media threats and create positive media attention

2 November 2017 - Media expert Pete Burdon is presenting a full-day seminar in Auckland next week to show franchisors how to handle potential media threats and create positive media attention

‘The media can be your friend or your foe,’ says Pete Burdon. ‘If you are prepared, they can be your friend, even during a time where reputations are threatened. And let’s face it, that threat could be just around the corner.’

Pete is a former journalist and government press secretary, which puts him in the unique position of having worked on both sides of the news media fence. His sessions at the National Franchise Conference in 2017 were highly rated by delegates and opened the eyes of many to the value of media training. This seminar will go into the topic in far more detail - read more.


NZ franchisor to pay nearly $200,000 for employment breaches

posted on 1st November 2017

1 November 2017 – Employment breaches in a series of connected Asian restaurants in Auckland, including the Gengy’s Mongolian BBQ Buffet franchise, have seen the owners face nearly $200,000 of costs.

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Tax cuts for small business to offset wage increases?

posted on 31st October 2017

31 October 2017 - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is looking at offering tax breaks for small businesses to ease the burden of incremental increases to the minimum wage rate over the next three years.

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Australian Franchise Awards
– 2017 Results

posted on 29th October 2017

11 October 2017 – Two names familiar to New Zealanders took out the top titles at this year’s MYOB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards

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Franchisors cautious before government policies clarified

posted on 27th October 2017

Updated 27 October 2017 - Pre-election uncertainties caused a slow-down in business confidence which extended into the post-election period. How will the announcement of a Labour-led government affect that?

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Auckland franchisees repay $125,000 in missing wages

posted on 26th October 2017

26 October – The Franchise Association and the Labour Inspectorate are urging franchises to check their systems after faulty payroll practices caused some Caltex franchisees to underpay hundreds of staff

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RFG takes back control of Gloria Jean's NZ

posted on 19th October 2017

Retail Food Group has taken back control of Gloria Jean's Coffee in New Zealand after master franchisee Boost Group was put into liquidation by shareholder Eric Chase. Mr Chase has alleged 'numerous discrepancies' in the way the finances of the company had been represented by a previous owner, a company with links to politician and former Auckland mayor John Banks.

There are some 12 Gloria Jean's cafes in New Zealand, which had operated under the umbrella of Auckland-based Boost Group. In September, Boost was put into receivership by GJ New Zealand Holdings, which had provided vendor finance to Boost when it sold it the NZ master franchise. Boost was subsequently put into liquidation by shareholder Eric Chase, Companies Office records show.

Retail Food Group (RFG) "owns the global rights to Gloria Jean's so we still own and operate the brand even if Boost is in liquidation," a company spokeswoman said. "All our partnerships are working as usual" and RFG is currently seeking a new master franchise owner. The Gold Coast-based company has hired someone to run day-to-day operations in New Zealand, she said.


Veritas fined for non-disclosure of Nosh plan

posted on 19th October 2017

Veritas Investments has been publicly censured and fined $55,000 plus costs by the NZ Markets Disciplinary Tribunal for failing to immediately disclose to the market that it had agreed to sell or close its Nosh business as a condition of continued support from its bank.

NZX said Veritas has accepted its view that it breached disclosure rules by failing to immediately disclose material information to the market. The regulator said it took into account that Veritas had taken legal advice and considered its obligations under the continuous disclosure rules before electing to withhold the undertakings.

"The tribunal notes that while obtaining and relying on legal advice may be a factor in mitigating the penalty, ultimately it is a matter for boards to exercise their own commercial judgement based on their knowledge of the issuer and its business to determine whether information is material information and whether disclosure is required," it said in a statement.

Veritas is still under pressure from the bank to restore its finances.


McD's tests McVegan burger in Finland

posted on 19th October 2017

As meat-eating continues to attract media attention (including the cover story in the latest Listener magazine) owing to health and environmental concerns, McDonald's is testing out a vegan version of its Quarterpoiunder in Finland. There are vegan fries, too.

McDonald’s is now offering a “McVegan” burger for a limited time. Although this is a step in the right direction, the burger is only available at the Tampere, Finland store until November 21. 

But this is likely a test by the fast food chain and if the menu item performs well, we may see the vegan-friendly option available at several McDonald’s stores across the world.

The “McVegan” is similar to the McDonald’s staple the Quarter Pounder. The cheese-less burger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. 

But the burger isn’t the only vegan offering being served. This McDonald’s location is serving a vegan version of its beloved fries. The vegan fries will continue to be served after the “McVegan” LTO.

According to the “Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017” report by GlobalData, veganism is one of the six key trends outlined. Going meat-free was identified as the No. 1 trend.


Australian Franchise Awards – 2017 Results

posted on 11th October 2017

11 October 2017 – Two names familiar to New Zealanders took out the top titles at this year’s MYOB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards

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The Coffee Club finds new home for happy franchisee

posted on 10th October 2017

10 October 2017 – Waikato drivers can look forward to a high quality break after an expired lease meant a new opportunity for franchisee Richard Sun

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Top 200 franchises bounce back

posted on 5th October 2017

5th October 2017 – After a sales decline last year, global franchises are on the rise again, says a US publication. Who's growing and who's struggling?

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Columbus Coffee celebrating Red Nose Day for charity today

posted on 29th September 2017

It's Red Nose Day today! Head into your local Columbus Coffee to help celebrate and make your donation to Cure Kids or pick up a Red Nose, wristband or pin. To find out more about Cure Kids and the wonderful work they do, visit

Since Cure Kids was established by Rotary in 1971 as the Child Health Research Foundation, we have helped save and improve the lives of thousands of kids both here in New Zealand and around the world.

We have invested almost $40 million in research which has helped shape and change the way children who live with serious diseases and health conditions are diagnosed and treated.

The breadth of the work we support is wide; just some of the projects we have funded,or are currently funding, include childhood cancers, inherited heart conditions, cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI), stillbirth, burns, and child and adolescent mental health, among many others.

Cure Kids are the largest funder of child health research outside the government, and we are supporting the best science possible to make a difference to the health and well-being of children in New Zealand.

Support from every day New Zealanders makes this important work possible, and every year we are humbled by the generosity of Kiwis up and down the country who dig deep and donate to Cure Kids.

We are proud to be a fundamental part of improving and saving the lives of New Zealand children and, with your support, we will continue to give today’s and tomorrow’s children the best chance of enjoying a healthy childhood.

Donate for Red Nose Day


Bullet-proof your franchise from media threats - seminar

posted on 28th September 2017

Media expert Pete Burdon is presenting a full-day seminar in Auckland to show franchisors how to handle potential media threats and create positive media attention

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One man and his dog celebrate Fastway's first Courier Day

posted on 27th September 2017

Not every man and his dog can boast a lifetime on the road together, but that’s exactly what Whangarei's Fastway courier franchisee Craig Hausman and best mate Brutus have clocked up

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KFC launches table service for urban areas

posted on 27th September 2017

KFC has launched a ‘linger longer’ table service restaurant in central Auckland, with plans to open more in other urban areas.

Following a successful testing period, the Fort St location was specifically chosen to house KFC's first table serviced restaurant.

'The area that the [new] store is in has a lot of residential and commercial activity so people would like to be able to come in, sit down and have a quick meal.

'Having customers stand around, waiting for an order to then be able to take it and sit down is not ideal, and so table service became an important part of the solution to improve the experience.'

[Restaurant Brands CEO] Creedy says customers no longer just want food fast - they want an experience.

'Some people would prefer to have a discussion or a lunch meeting maybe and we have tried to offer them a variety of options; fast or linger a bit longer.'


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