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Franchisee Testimonials

“I rang to say thank you for the Franchise New Zealand magazine you sent me after I visited your internet site. I was really in the dark about franchising before I got this, and it’s absolutely enlightening – so useful. I have already been in contact with [a lawyer] and [two franchise companies], and they are all being very helpful too. I just wanted to speak to you in person and say many thanks.”
Rod B-C, potential franchisee, Auckland

“Your magazine has done so will be blessed! The other day, there was this chap from an advertising firm that came to the store, he was a Sri Lankan and asked to see me, he said he had read the supreme award article and wanted to show me some demo for digital advertising....he said he was in awe of me and wanted an excuse to come see me. He also mentioned that when he gave the Franchise New Zealand magazine to a colleague to read my article, after reading my story she left the job she was doing and invested in a home cleaning franchise.

Early this month at the franchise expo at the Jesters stall, at least three individual migrants came up to me and said they recognised me from the story they'd read in your magazine. Later on in the weekend two people came to Grant at the expo and asked whether I was going to be there. There are a lot of people that come to the store and tell me that they have read the article. Yes!! it is a way your magazine does turn many people's lives!! Who does not want to read a success story !! Your article has influenced different ways!!”
Shiraz Hajee, Jesters, Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year 2005

“The buyer originally saw it on your website, so yes for me it has been a success. Thank you for very good service.”
 John Gargiulo (regarding resale listing for Cookright, Nelson)

“In a time of stress and uncertainty I turned to your website for support and guidance. I am very pleased with the information and advice provided throughout the website. I found it very helpful and it gave me a clear understanding about purchasing a franchise. I felt that your company deserved a big thank you as it was definitely very supporting and gave me a lot of confidence in going about purchasing a franchise.”
Katalina T, potential franchisee

Franchisor Testimonials

“What makes Franchise New Zealand so effective? Quite simply, it reaches the right people. Franchise New Zealand gets right out there among potential business buyers by a whole variety of methods. It’s a system that’s certainly worked for Esquires Coffee Houses and has helped us to be the fastest-growing café franchise in the country.

The publishers are passionate about franchising and do everything they can to help people succeed. And it doesn’t hurt that the mag is sponsored by Westpac – New Zealand’s top franchise bank – and is available in their branches, too. What better endorsement could there be for a franchise than having your bank manager show it to you?”
Stuart Deeks, NZ Master Franchisee, Esquires Coffee Houses

“We’ve ceased advertising in the newspapers – it was a waste of money. We get far more genuine enquiries from Franchise New Zealand. They don’t all come to fruition, of course, but most are genuinely looking for franchises. It’s the best marketing point for us.”
Lynn Cook, Cookright Filtering Services

“I launched Dream Doors in New Zealand through Franchise New Zealand magazine and website and I am delighted by the results. It is worth every cent - if their advertising cost three times as much it would still be worth it to us.”
Derek Lilly, Managing Director, Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd

“We believe the magazine, website and newsletter are informative, easy-to-read and professional. We have found the magazine a key source of quality franchise enquiries. The web site equally enables potential franchisees to qualify their targets and provide a sense of surety they are dealing with a reputable franchisor. To date, every dealing I have had with Franchise New Zealand has been superb – you and your team live and breathe the franchise industry.”
Paul Brown,General Manager, Paramount Services – Franchise System of the Year 2008

"I am genuinely delighted by the level of response to our advertorial in the magazine and on the website. It is already producing a steady flow of good quality leads and we are in serious discussions with a number of prospects for our first franchises."
Alan Marriott, Master Franchisee, XpressArt

“Very helpful and friendly people to deal with and a magazine with good practical advice for both franchisees and franchisors. The internet and printed content reflect and complement each other very well.”
Marita Albert, MetroDogs

“We have enjoyed success from advertising with your magazine. We get a lot of referrals from people who are specifically looking at purchasing a franchise business who either buy the magazine or go to tradeshows and look directly at your magazine. We have found your advertising rates to be reasonable and competitive. Also, your staff have consistently stayed in contact with us as to our advertising needs and always replied promptly. We feel you offer a great service and will definitely continue to advertise with you.”
Office Champions

“The magazine has excellent practical information and the website provides industry updates and relevant news topics. They are both highly professional and information goldmines.”
Money Concepts New Zealand

“Franchise New Zealand is a very important part of our marketing channel. We get some good quality leads and have done significant business through the magazine. I would recommend Franchise New Zealand for any business that wants to grow and gain credibility. I'm a satisfied customer - it's great!”
Steve Sartin, Simplicity Vending

“Overall it is the best source of targeted franchise information in the market.”
Clean Planet

“Your magazine, website and personnel ARE the franchise, marketing and focal point within NZ and THE authority because of your length of dedicated service to franchising.”
Computer Solutions

Advisor Testimonials

“We plan recruitment strategies for many clients and Franchise New Zealand is always at the top of our list. The magazine is eagerly read by a large audience of people looking to purchase a franchise. As well as reaching qualified prospective franchisees, Franchise New Zealand magazine assists in establishing the credibility and branding of a franchise system.” 
Win Robinson, Franchize Consultants (NZ) Ltd

“The Westpac Franchise Directory at the back of the magazine and on the website has long been the who’s who in franchising and an easy way to find a large percentage of the franchise opportunities available in the market. It also lists the specialist advisors that potential franchisees will need in one convenient directory. Many of the famous franchise brands out there started with articles and listings in Franchise New Zealand magazine and it is an important vehicle for franchisors marketing franchises.”
Daniel Cloete, National Franchising Manager, Westpac

“This listing on your website has proved to be of benefit in locating potential buyers for this franchise business we were assisting the owner to sell. As a consequence we have been able to sell one business and have obtained a conditional offer on another. Over the three-month period we had about 8 calls all of which were followed up. We appreciate the ability to use this service and would find it useful for the sale of franchise businesses in the future.”
Barry McFedries, (South Island Business Brokers)



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