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Iridium Partners

Unique in the NZ market. Experienced franchise recruitment, operational and HR professionals who connect franchise brands and potential franchisees. We work directly with a number of leading brands. Our networks are extensive, our proven expertise extends over commercial property, franchise growth, development and recruitment.

Who are we?

Iridium Partners are experienced franchise, operational and HR professionals who connect franchise brands and potential franchisees, helping people discover and buy into franchised businesses they love. Iridium Partners work with both franchisees-to-be and franchisors, ensuring the right matches are made.

Iridium Partners are unique in the New Zealand market. Our networks are extensive, and our proven expertise extends over commercial property, franchise growth, development and recruitment as well as human resources at all levels across many sectors.

We understand that finding the right franchisees is crucial to the success of a brand and we have the resources and capabilities in house to find and match the two. We do this by bringing together and providing our unique skillset and experience from being franchisors, human resources and property professionals.  

Licensed under the Real Estate Act 2008 allowing us to provide a total solution for franchise development including franchisee recruitment, site acquisition and leasing as well as resales of existing businesses.

We have regular interactions with the full gamut of business sectors from SMEs to large international corporates and can tap into additional resources and expertise as required.

How can we help?

Franchise System Growth - We can help brands to rapidly grow their franchise network. Working alongside the brand, we will get to know the brand, we can assist develop and implement a growth strategy, providing or engaging the appropriate resources.  Our extensive experience extends over franchise system development, growth strategy and implementation.  Our approach is practical and gained from the being involved in the growth of successful franchises and brands. We have proven experience in coaching and mentoring franchisees in all aspects of franchised business.

Franchise Recruitment - Our approach brings a recruitment versus business sales focus to franchisee recruitment.  It’s not enough that the potential franchisee has the funds to purchase - are they right for franchising, are they right for the brand? We combine our experience from working with top New Zealand franchise brands and recruiting 100s of franchisees, with industry leading profiling and recruitment tools to match franchisees to brands. 

We’re great brand chameleons and understand brand culture and brand partnerships, across a range of industries and brand identities.

We can present as an extension of the brand and work in with preferred recruitment processes and really be part of what the brand is trying to achieve.

We’re experienced in franchisee recruitment and brand expansion. We are or have been franchisors, operators and recruiters - few others have been all of these.

As a well-respected member of The Franchise Association of New Zealand, we operate strictly with-in the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice guidelines.

Business Brokerage - We also have the ability to market and sell existing franchises, ensuring resales and associated incoming franchisees meet the same criteria as new franchisees. Our approach to re-sales is one of franchise recruitment, not just making a sale.  

Site Acquisition & Leasing - With more than 18 years’ experience of site acquisition and franchise system expansion in New Zealand we have an extensive network of landlords, leasing agents and co-operative brands.  We are extremely familiar with the franchised food category and the New Zealand landscape.

Human Resources Specialist Support - We provide HR support and guidance to franchise businesses - working alongside both franchisors and franchisees to enable the business to flourish whilst giving you the confidence to deal with all things HR.

Projects - Iridium Partners are flexible and adaptable.  From start-up recruitment to performance management, from site acquisition and leasing to building and development, we have a range of skills and experience and work with a number of reputable industry leading professionals across a range of disciplines.

Why should you seek advice?

The benefits of working with Iridium Partners include:

  • A reduced fixed cost for Franchisors while retaining control of their recruitment and development processes.
  • Introduces a variable cost structure based on success.
  • Provides skills and experience that would otherwise be either under-utilised or far more expensive.
  • An external pair of eyes focuses the process on recruitment versus selling.  Even a recruitment focused franchisor will benefit from an objective third-party view whose primary concern is on the best match of people to brand versus achieving sales budgets or targets.
  • Critically, we allow a franchisor to maintain attention on their core business/existing franchise business.
  • External resources have a broader reach and provide opportunities not accessible by a single brand or company.
  • Access to a diverse skillset.  

Who do we work with?

We work directly with a number of leading New Zealand and international franchise brands across a range of sectors and investment levels.  We also work with potential franchisees looking for the right opportunity for them.

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