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Industrial, office and retail space: Let us negotiate for you. It’s possibly the best business move you’ll ever make. We’re completely independent of the agency system, and provide innovative and strategic property solutions. We’re here to fight for you, not the landlord.

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who are we?

Unless you work from home, one of the biggest costs you're likely to face in running a business is premises. Getting the right mix of costs and location is fundamental to profitability. Parallel Directions is a specialist property negotiating company with over 3 decades of experience in property management.

Business is now more focused on returning increased profit to the shareholders and in the franchise industry, to the franchisee. When he set up Parallel Directions Ltd in 1998, Peter Scott realised that all organisations were challenged with how to deal effectively with their second highest cost, property. It was also clear that organisations needed to feel their property advisor was both independent and trustworthy.

who do we work with?

In the years that followed, Parallel Directions has worked closely with hundreds of organisations to achieve their commercial property objectives. Some of our clients are or have been:

  • Mars New Zealand (the chocolate people)
  • Beca Engineering
  • Nib New Zealand (the private insurance people)
  • NZI (insurance)
  • Many law and accounting firms
  • Architectural companies
  • Presbyterian Support Northern
  • Culmer Brunton
  • Several IT companies
  • Several Maori Trusts and Runanga
  • Many franchise systems and franchisees
  • Para Rubber
  • Speedy Signs
  • Glengarry Wines

how can we help you?

As Peter says "All too often, I've seen companies trip up over leasing negotiations because they don't realise just how much the clauses favour the landlord. Our expertise is in negotiating leases that are friendly to our clients and will save them draining useful profit away."

Although franchisors and franchisees may have a particular area in mind when it comes to opening a new outlet, finding the right property on the right terms is more difficult. Our job is to get the right premises with the right deal.

Furthermore, Peter explains "In dealing with property matters, it's surprisingly easy to make the right or wrong decision with long-term impacts on the profitability of the business. The trouble is that people know what it's like to own or rent their home, so they think commercial leasing must be the same. Experience has shown this assumption to be wrong and dangerous to the bottom line".

Some areas where the right or wrong decision is made are:

  • Choosing the right location for the next store/café/branch in the network.
  • Treating the negotiation of the lease as being simple and not as important as operational matters.
  • Putting the signed lease document in the bottom drawer and not referring to it until the end of the lease, rent review or when you are in dispute with the landlord.
  • When the franchisee has little expertise (or aptitude) in negotiating the lease terms and conditions.

why should you seek our advice?

Searching for the right location - If you are a new franchise system planning to open your first store, or an established system from overseas considering opening up a New Zealand operation, we can assist you with defining the specification of your property needs and identifying what the best location will be like to achieve your business needs.

Securing your lease - Leasing in New Zealand is different to leasing in other countries as our laws are different, and so is the lease documentation. Entering into a commercial lease is a complex matter and you should become well informed before committing to a lease or purchasing commercial property. Experienced franchise operators will agree that not all landlords or property managers are the same, neither are their lease documents. Always take advice from lawyers and commercial property advisors well before you commit to a property.

how to contact us

Whether you're a franchisor or franchisee, and wherever you are in New Zealand, Parallel Directions can represent your interests in ways that maximise your success and profitability. Best of all, it's effectively a "no-cost service" as we can save you our fee many times over.

Contact Parallel Directions if you want:

  • To know what is reasonable, fair and market-driven.
  • Need lease coaching, support, or face to face negotiation skills.
  • To review your lease (or lease portfolio) with advice and strategies to improve your profitability.

It costs nothing to find out how we can help, so give me a call now.

Supporting business development, not exploiting it is our aim.



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Complete the form below to receive more detailed information from Parallel Directions. We will not share your information with any other third party.




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