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The Mediator

Franchise disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively via online mediation or face-to-face mediation, saving your brand and your business from potential harm. With 20 years experience in mediation and law, Trish Blyth, 'The Mediator', has been on the FANZ panel of Mediators for 10 years.

The mediation process 

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes where an independent mediator assists the parties to negotiate and reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. Mediation is a faster, cheaper and less stressful way to resolve a dispute than through a Court or Tribunal.

There are many outcomes from mediation. The franchisor and franchisee often resolve their dispute, get back on track and move forward in their franchise relationship. As part of this process, the Mediator coaches the parties to communicate better so that they can work together more effectively in the future. Sometimes the outcome is agreeing to end the franchise relationship, and working out a smooth transition for all parties, including the customers. 

The Mediator's online mediation service is a great option for franchisors and franchisees who live in different parts of New Zealand or overseas.

Experience, qualifications and passion is a winning formula

Trish Blyth: 'Let me help you resolve your dispute quickly before it affects your relationship with your customers'
Trish Blyth: 'Let me help you 
resolve your dispute quickly
before it affects relationships
with your customers.'

“Disputes between franchisors and franchisees need to be resolved quickly, to minimise the impact on their customers” says ‘The Mediator’, Trish Blyth. 

With a passion for mediation, Trish began her career as a mediator, went on to become a lawyer, and returned to full-time mediation as ‘The Mediator’, having seen how much time, energy, and money her clients spent dealing with their disputes through legal channels.

Trish is one of New Zealand’s foremost Mediators with over 30 years’ experience as a Mediator, and numerous qualifications:

  • Mediation Panel for the Franchise Association for over 10 years
  • Disputes Tribunal Referee for 16 years
  • Relationship Property mediator 
  • Family Disputes Resolution provider
  • Mediation Panel for the Domain Name Commission 
  • Mediation Panel for the Telecommunications Disputes Resolution Service
  • Accredited Advanced mediator, Coach and Assessor for Resolution Institute
  • Accredited Associate mediator for AMINZ

What do others say about The Mediator?

Trish has conducted mediations for many  franchises in the cleaning, transport, hospitality, building, courier, lawn mowing and after school care businesses. She has many testimonials, including the following:

Scott Goodwin from Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers, franchise lawyers based on the North Shore, engaged Trish for two recent mediations involving high profile franchisors and said “Trish was very professional.  The parties were entrenched in their positions. Trish used her skills to help them work together and we signed a settlement agreement that met both parties needs and that both lawyers were happy with.”

Scott Jenyns, the CEO of Aramex New Zealand (formerly Fastway Couriers) recommends Trish as a Franchise Mediator.  Scott said “Trish mediated a difficult situation with a Franchisee and we achieved a great result.  Trish was able to help the parties listen to each other and work out the best way forward, which in this case was ending the franchise relationship with an agreement that suited both parties.”

Contact Trish Blyth, The Mediator, for a confidential discussion. 'Let me help you resolve your dispute quickly before it affects your relationship with your customers'.

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