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ASWEFA provides industry training on forklifts, wheels, tracks, rollers, EWP and dangerous goods. Make a difference by creating “A Safe Working Environment For All – ASWEFA!" The perfect franchise opportunity for a team leader, supervisor, tradie coming off the tools, or someone with HR experience.

The opportunity

ASWEFA deliver an extensive range of worksite training courses to companies and individuals; offering forklift licensing, wheels, tracks and rollers, dangerous goods and elevated work platform courses. This meets the requirements for companies to ensure they are meeting their Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 for ensuring drivers are trained and competent on hazardous machinery. To do this ASWEFA has been recognized as leaders in the industry for the last 18 years and as such has developed a full and comprehensive instructor training program which will assist instructors in meeting the registration requirements by governing agencies. 

Having a National Instructor Training Program should give franchisees reassurance that the ASWEFA brand will be promoted nationwide with the same skilled and passionate people.

If connecting with people from all walks of life about safety in the workplace is important to you, you are keen to conduct training in a fun learning environment and if you enjoy the change of a different worksite, different product, different people daily, then this will suit you. 

Being a complete business package, ASWEFA has established its buy-in program to maximise your success. An example of this is ASWEFA will provide an instructor and sales rep in the first month in your region to kick start your business….we want to give you every opportunity to succeed.

Having a business will create the opportunity to be your own boss, generate your own income and be responsible for your own success. Having an ASWEFA franchise ensures you have a team behind you, providing your business with established and successful systems, industry expertise and company administration support – allowing for a much greater chance of success, than going it alone.

We recognise that lifestyle, and work/life balance are an important marker of success. Everyone needs a break at some point. Being your own boss and owning your own business doesn’t always allow for down time, especially when you are operating as a sole trader doing it all on your own. ASWEFA is one of the few companies that wind down coming into the Christmas period, often with a two week holiday period between Christmas and New Years and has every statutory holiday long weekend off! 

Supported to succeed

One of the unique reasons for choosing an ASWEFA franchise is our comprehensive Customer Support Centre (CSC). The ASWEFA Regional Office runs a dedicated Customer Support Centre which takes the daily and time consuming administration chore away from our franchisees. This then allows the franchisee to focus on growing their business through more profitable avenues, such as:

·       Building up their client base

·       Carrying out training

·       Focusing on their own success

With the Customer Service Centre providing customers a seamless connection to training ASWEFA franchisees can be confident:

·       their customers will be responded to promptly, professionally and knowledgably;

·       an after hours service will ensure all matters of urgency are dealt with in a timely fashion, yet you won’t have to deal with nuisance calls;

·       certification will be processed and delivered in a timely fashion (this absorbs a lot of time when doing it at the end of a day of training and takes away from having a lifestyle business if you choose to start up on your own);

·       follow up to all customer enquiries, promotions and call-ins;

·       automatic reminders making it easy for your customers to rebook and ensuring repeat and ongoing business;

·       customer satisfaction surveys on instructors and call centre staff to have confidence in the service ASWEFA is offering;

·       organise support if you have an emergency or if you or your customer needs urgent assistance; This support This cannot be undervalued!

Health and Safety business providers are a growing industry in the marketplace and it is important for companies to have a hassle free option to meet their training requirements without it impacting significantly on their workloads. With companies wanting to focus on their core business transactions they want to be able to simply organise with a provider to take care of their needs, remind them before they expire and ensure they are meeting their obligations. ASWEFA have the systems, customer service centre, training program and great staff to make this happen.

To be a part of the ASWEFA team, contact us for more details.

Areas available

Nationwide, outside Auckland region.

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