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Compass Homes

Wanted - business persons with entrepreneurial flair and ambition. A Compass Homes franchise gives you all the advantages of owning your own business, being your own boss, but still getting all the support you need in all aspects to help you run and grow your business.

The opportunity

Compass Homes has an introduction to a business opportunity within the NZ building industry that is:

  1. Unique
  2. Innovative
  3. Rewarding

... and is quite unlike anything else that you may have considered in the past.

Compass Homes is a group home volume building company and is looking to expand nationwide, but we have some unique points of differences that makes a franchise with Compass Homes more appealing.

How we started

Compass Homes started in Hamilton 18 years ago. And continues to grow and expand.

This legacy has continued.

Compass Homes entered the market with a considerable price advantage, in fact Compass Homes became a great success. From a modest show home built in Thomas Road, Hamilton, Compass Homes, in its first year of operation built 31 houses. We obviously got the price right, our specification range was appealing and our designs were sought-after. We then went on to build over the next five years another 230 houses and we now attract builds from all price ranges.

The name Compass Homes came from our desire to recognise the role the sun plays in our lives and how we enjoy the outdoors. The best way could we improve the design of our homes is to use the sun. 

We recognised that the points of the compass play an important part in positioning of the house. Thus the four points of the compass have played a significant part in developing our plans. Every plan that we designed takes into consideration the entrance to the section and the sun to ensure we maximise the outdoor living space. Regardless of the section chosen and the proximity of the section to the road and driveway, we can design a plan that will suit any section -facing North, South, East, or West.

The celestial reading of the skies, the stars, the heavens and the sun means that all our plans are named after a star or a feature in the night Sky.

Rewarding and profitable

Owning a housing company can be very profitable and rewarding. One of our new franchises will build 18 houses this year and as at 31 January 2019 their turnover was $7.5 million and their profit was $785,000. That is a return better than 10%. At the end of the financial year their profit should be in excess of $850,000. That profit is after director’s salaries and bonuses.

We are looking for partners to join the group as a franchisee. You will get a huge amount of support, networking opportunities, business mentoring and much more.

Skills and training

We will provide the support and business mentoring to bridge and enhance the skills and experience that the candidate may be lacking.

Compass Homes prides itself on the expertise we can offer including:

1.       Business Mentoring
2.       Sales Training
3.       Business Management and Financial Planning
4.       Health and Safety Management Systems
5.       Construction Management Systems
6.       Customer Retention Programs
7.       Pricing and Estimating Systems
8.       Networking with other franchisees

Who we are looking for

People who wish to own their own business that are also highly motivated with the following attributes:

  • Looking to make at least a 6-year commitment
  • Possess managerial, organisational, and communication skills
  • A hard worker to build and grow a sustainable business. It will take you nothing but hard work (especially in the first 3 -12 months)
  • Drawing on a successful career or business in the building sector
  • Able to use the effective goal setting habits that helped you get where you are
  • Prepared to do whatever it takes to build your Compass Homes franchise
  • Enthusiastic about your future and take a hands-on approach to creating success for yourself
  • A desire to provide exceptional customer service
  • A flexible thinker
  • Aspiring to become a quality builder and leader within a community of quality builders operating under a quality name

You will be committed to building great homes and making customers happy. In return you will experience a great sense of achievement and an abundant lifestyle for you and your family.

Franchisees normally start out driving the sales side of the franchise, supported by employed or sub-contracted builders to take care of the project side of the business.

Areas available

North Shore (Orewa to Northcote)
Rodney (West Auckland to Helensville
Thames Valley/Coromandel
Eastern BOP (Whakatane - Rotorua)
East Coast
Hawke’s Bay
Wairarapa (Featherstone, Masterton to Eketahuna)
Blenheim / Marlborough
Nelson Bays
Mid/South Canterbury
North Otago
West Coast


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