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Shoppers Anon

Mystery shopping solutions, results orientated analysis, customer retention strategies. Identify non-conformance, what customers think, where to improve. Discreet approach, effective communication. Audit for legal compliance and consistency. Staff training, business process improvement. Customised real-time reporting identify strengths and weakness then leverage insights for opportunities.

Who are we?

Work with Shoppers Anon to retain your customers and grow your business using our trusted mystery shopping solution.

Our team can help you identify what your customers really think of your business, identifying areas for improvement using our powerful tools combined with our reliable national shopper network. We are trusted by local household brands and have been helping improve their market share for many years.

It’s always a good time to gain insight into how your customers actually view your business. Happy customers confirm what you are doing right and often share this with others. Dissatisfied customers almost never tell a business directly and frequently share their experience with friends and family or on social media. Mystery shopping exposes the strengths and weaknesses of your customers’ experience with your business, allowing you to leverage that insight.

How can we help?

  • Audit shopping for legal, compliance or consistency checks
  • Scenario shopping to check specific business process performance
  • A variety of approaches from telephone and email to online or shop visits
  • Before & After benchmark measurement shops.

Why should you seek our services?

  • Opportunities for Business Process Improvement
  • Enhance the customer environment
  • Security or other business risks
  • Staff training opportunities.

Who do we work with?

Major automotive & retail brands nationwide & internationally.

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Order a Print Copy