The Market

by Simon Lord

last updated 23/07/2009

Advertiser Survey Highlights

by Simon Lord

last updated 23/07/2009

What do our clients think of Franchise New Zealand? Here are some highlights from our October 2008 survey.

- 98% of respondents agree Franchise New Zealand magazine is an important source of information to prospective franchisees.
-  89% agree the Franchise New Zealand website is an important source of information to prospective franchisees.
- 75% of respondents often refer people to articles in the magazine.
- 91% agree that our website is easily found.
- 82% agree the website is an important source of regular news about franchising.
- 93% of our advertisers are pleased with the level of service they receive.
- 96% find our personnel knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and helpful.

We were very pleased by the overwhelming appreciation of the service that Franchise New Zealand magazine & website provides to its readers and clients. Thanks to this feedback we have also identified several areas where we will be working to provide additional and better services to our advertisers.

One aspect we would particularly encourage is that people share links to valuable articles on our website. Apart from the news articles, there is also a huge amount of advice from leading experts available on topics from coping with recession to establishing franchise advisory councils. It's a great resource - so use it!

As a comment from one of our advertisers puts it, ‘Your magazine, website and personnel are the franchise marketing and focal point within NZ and the authority because of your length of dedicated service to franchising.'

And the winner is...

The winner of the competition to have their business featured on the front coverof the magazine was Richard Karam of The Coffee Guy, whose name leaped out of the jar with the names in when we started shaking it. That's why Richard's is the handsome face on the front of the Autumn 2009 issue.


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