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The Coffee Guy - Full of Beans

by The Coffee Guy

last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy's customers can't wait to pay their money

‘In which other business do people actually wait around to give you money? I can't count the number of times I have been greeted with, "Oh my God, thank goodness you're here!" I've got such a great product and people can't wait for me to arrive in the mornings.' Selina Chant, a new franchisee with The Coffee Guy mobile espresso operation, loves her business.

Having previously worked in a high-pressure publishing environment, Selina was very keen to address her work/life balance. ‘I suppose I did a lot of my market research into The Coffee Guy as a customer,' she laughs. ‘I noticed how popular coffee times were when our regular franchisee turned up and it made me want to find out more. Really, it was very straightforward from there, and having met franchisor Richard Karam I was convinced. He is a fantastic operator and was able to answer all my questions. I remember he said, "everything is achievable", and it all came true - what he said then is what is happening now in my own business.'

Richard has carefully structured The Coffee Guy as a low-investment opportunity that ensures franchisees can earn money from the moment they start up. ‘For their first two weeks, our operations team goes out with each new franchisee in his or her own area to meet potential customers and let them know that The Coffee Guy is coming to them,' he explains. ‘Our approach consistently generates a turnover in excess of $100,000 a year. As a result, although we offer a guaranteed income, not one of our 40 franchisees has taken us up on it.'

Thorough Training Gives Confidence

Despite the fact that The Coffee Guy was obviously a robust and expanding system, Selina took independent advice. ‘I took the agreement to a franchise lawyer, and the figures to a good accountant,' she says. ‘Anyone going into business should - it is not only common-sense, but peace of mind for both parties. Of course, you're still a little nervous starting a new enterprise, but because I had taken advice I was more excited than scared. Also, I knew there were good systems in place to support me. There is such a great team at The Coffee Guy and you know you can call on them.'

Selina was impressed from the start with the thoroughness of the training offered by The Coffee Guy. ‘They really do back up what they say. I chose a round in the vicinity of Auckland Airport with a lot of corporate clients and my training and operations manager spent a lot of time in my territory, including coming on the road with me to establish my customer base. I did all my barista training and asked a lot of questions - I felt no question was too small to bring up. They encourage you to resolve things and to get the best out of the system.'

Flexibility & Achievement

A typical day for Selina means leaving home around 7am and being on the road till 2pm. ‘After that, I come home to clean my van, restock and count the money. It's a great business all round and it has given me lots of flexibility in my life.'

The Coffee Guy has been structured to be affordable. The one-off franchise fee of $35,000+gst includes full barista training, an exclusive territory and a minimum income guaranteed. In addition to the fee, The Coffee Guy's custom-fitted vans can be purchased outright or on favourable pre-approved finance terms.

‘Our operational systems are clear and easy to understand, so no previous business or café experience are necessary to get started,' explains Richard. ‘Each franchisee receives a full week of in-house operational training before starting and on-the-road support with a trainer from The Coffee Guy during the first two weeks after starting. This helps them to establish a strong and loyal customer base. In addition, The Coffee Guy has nationwide initiatives dedicated to increasing our already impressive brand awareness, and we also provide marketing and promotional tools tailored to help individual franchisees promote their businesses within their territory.'

Selina is highly enthusiastic about the future. ‘The key is knowing what you want to achieve,' she says. ‘As with all businesses you set targets, and I'm amazed at how popular The Coffee Guy is and how well I have done already. The structure is excellent - you don't get penalised for working hard by paying a percentage of your turnover. Instead, you pay a fixed rate per week, so if you work longer days or do weekend events, it is basically all profit. Of course being part of a large, well-proven system also means big buying power. The only other thing you need as a franchisee is enthusiasm and the ability to enjoy talking to people. I'm really looking forward to the next 12 months, as I can only see myself moving from strength to strength!'

‘If you have the kind of enthusiasm that Selina exudes, and would enjoy working for yourself, then The Coffee Guy would like to hear from you.' Richard ends. ‘Opportunities are available nationwide - call me today.'

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 17 Issue 3

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