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last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy - Getting A Rush From Coffee

by The Coffee Guy

last updated 17/09/2019

Whether they're cruising towards retirement or surfing up a storm, The Coffee Guy franchisees can afford to enjoy life

David Gilbert and Damon Mark are both new franchisees with The Coffee Guy, a business that delivers quality espresso coffee from specially-branded mobile vans. With over 30 franchisees already operating, it's clearly a hugely attractive opportunity.

‘The moment I spotted The Coffee Guy van I thought what a really neat idea it was,' says David. ‘Whenever I saw them I used to stop for a coffee and a chat.' After nearly 40 years in the telecommunications industry, David was keen for a break prior to retiring and realised that The Coffee Guy franchise could provide what he was looking for - but he didn't realise that the business would itself form the basis of his retirement plan.

‘I honestly didn't know just how good the franchise would be,' he says, ‘but The Coffee Guy's promise - that you make money from day one - is true. My wife Heather and I have a really great lifestyle now with time to enjoy the good things and very comfortable earnings.'

The franchise was created by Richard Karam. ‘For their first two weeks, our operations team goes out with each new franchisee in his or her own area to meet potential customers and let them know that The Coffee Guy is coming to them,' he explains. ‘This approach soon produces a minimum turnover of $100,000 per annum. As an indication of what is possible, our top-performing franchisee turned over a total of $12,500 for last month's trading.'

David was suitably cautious about plunging into a business he knew nothing about. ‘ I was careful to do my research. I spent a lot of time on the website of Franchise New Zealand magazine, which I found very useful, and of course when it came to signing an agreement I took their advice and consulted both a good lawyer and an accountant.'

After ten weeks, David is delighted with the decision he's made. ‘I have a regular run each weekday, beginning with a couple of hours servicing the commuter traffic, then I'm off through Glenfield calling on all my regular customers to a timetable. I like that sense of community. It is quite physically tiring, but what an improvement that is on mental tiredness - and, frankly, it's proved to be a great weight loss programme!' David is also full of praise for the training offered by the franchisor. ‘I really didn't realise there was so much to making a cup of coffee,' he admits. ‘The barista training was a lot of fun, and I have felt fully supported by The Coffee Guy all along. My wife Heather and I both agree we have made the right choice. Heather is fully involved in the business, and in the future she may very well do a couple of days a week while I go and play golf!'

The Coffee Guy is actively seeking coffee lovers with personality and passion as franchisees. The franchise fee is $37,500 plus GST which includes all training, territory and start-up equipment. The specially-designed mobile espresso vans can be rented from The Coffee Guy, or can be bought outright on favourable terms. ‘Whatever your need, we offer a payment method to suit,' says Richard Karam.

Surf's Up

When the surf's up, there is only one place Damon Mark wants to be - out on his board. ‘I've been keen on surfing for years,' he says, ‘and it has always been an ambition to have more time in my working day for it. Thanks to The Coffee Guy, I've managed it at last.' Damon was working for a big events company when he talked to a friend who had been one of the first franchisees. ‘I was pretty sick of being a wage-earner and I wanted something more, so I got very interested,' he says.

‘I did some serious investigations in December 2006 and started work on 22nd January 2007!' Damon fully admits that branching out into the great unknown was ‘a bit scary. I was exceptionally green and hardly knew how to make coffee before the training. I was right out of my comfort zone and I don't think I got much sleep for the first six to eight weeks. Now however, I think I could do it with my eyes closed, and in fact things have gone so well I was able to take a month off this year.

‘Coffee is a morning business,' he explains. ‘You need to be up early to reach those commuters and you need to be able to hold a conversation. You must be able to show a bit of personality and be easily approachable. It's very much down to how motivated you are and what you want out of it, but it's far exceeded my expectations. The money is good and I have a great deal of freedom. That's what I wanted!'

And The Coffee Guy is looking for more people like David and Damon. ‘If you want a turn-key operation that makes money from the first day, The Coffee Guy can provide you with the income and lifestyle you desire - guaranteed.'

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 16 Issue 4

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