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by The Coffee Guy

last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy - Take It To The Streets

by The Coffee Guy

last updated 17/09/2019

The Coffee Guy franchisees deliver everyone’s favourite drink

With 22 franchisees all over the North Island after just two years, The Coffee Guy has to be the fastest-growing franchise of its kind in New Zealand. But no-one has ever walked into a café called The Coffee GuyTM. Why? Because The Coffee Guy franchisees all deliver their quality espresso coffee from specially-branded mobile vans. As Shirley Schofield, a franchisee from Campbell's Bay on Auckland's North Shore, neatly sums it up, ‘After being in the taxi business for 19 years, it's a nice way to make a living.'

What's more, The Coffee Guy guarantees that living, says founder Richard Karam. ‘It works like this. We want our franchisees to take on an established business so, for the first two weeks, our operations team accompanies every new franchisee on the road, letting customers know that The Coffee Guy is coming to them and establishing their initial customer base. It immediately pays off, and soon produces a turnover equivalent to $100,000 a year. If you're not making a profit of $700 a week after three months we will make up the difference. However, The Coffee Guy system is so effective that nobody has yet had to rely on the guarantee.'

Shirley, who's been a franchisee for 12 months, says that the system certainly works. ‘People know when you're coming and look forward to a top-notch cup of coffee. The only need is to provide good quality and be consistent - people do rely on you turning up at a certain time. I enjoy having contact with people and The Coffee Guy franchise means I can work close to home, too. I love it.'

The Secret Of Success

What's behind The Coffee Guy's rapid success? Is it the special blend of locally-roasted espresso coffee beans? The new silver coffee vans, designed and fitted out with brand new espresso hardware right here in New Zealand? The strong logo and visual identity that sets The Coffee Guy apart from its competitors? Or the income guarantee that gives franchisees the confidence to build successful businesses in their own exclusive territories?

‘Each of these things is important, of course, but there's something even more fundamental to our success,' Richard says. ‘That thing is our belief in the importance of having great relationships with everyone who comes in contact with the brand. The Coffee Guy has built its business on great relationships with customers, many of whom like and trust the brand enough to welcome its franchisees into their offices every day of the week. People look forward to their coffee and The Coffee Guy insists on always making them the best coffee we can. Most importantly, we believe in great relationships with all our franchisees, too.'

Making It Easy

To ensure that customers love The Coffee Guy's products, all new franchisees are fully trained to qualified barista level. That's just part of the initial package, which also includes everything you need to set up your new business: uniforms, table and sandwich board, a pop-up branded umbrella and all the necessary equipment and consumables.'

The Coffee Guy franchise costs $33,000 +gst and, to make it easy to get started, there are two options available for funding the mobile espresso van. ‘You can lease the vehicle from The Coffee Guy for a fixed weekly fee, or purchase it outright either for cash or on favourable pre-approved terms secured for The Coffee Guy franchisees. We've made it so that if you want to become a franchisee with The Coffee Guy, there's a payment method that will suit you.'

Richard has found there are two types of people attracted to The Coffee Guy franchise. The first are in their late twenties to early thirties, people who want to work hard and be well-rewarded for their efforts. The second are in the later stages of their working life and want a socially enjoyable business that will provide the income to support a comfortable life-style.

Nationwide Opportunities

The Coffee Guy will soon arrive in the South Island. One will open shortly in Nelson and another five franchisees are starting on the Mainland soon. ‘There are still plenty more opportunities in all regions, and the growth of the business means there are also opportunities for regional master franchisees in Lower North Island and the South Island,' Richard advises.

‘Its flexibility makes The Coffee Guy a perfect business. Coffee is a fantastically popular drink and a very profitable one. Now it can be taken directly to the customer. As a franchisee, you are rewarded for your efforts while having the convenience of choosing working hours that suit you. And we are so confident of The Coffee Guy system that we guarantee it.

‘So if you like what you've heard and think that The Coffee Guy franchise may be for you, contact Tim Thorburn, our franchise manager and arrange a meeting to experience first-hand what The Coffee Guy is all about.'

This advertorial is taken from Franchise New Zealand magazine Volume 16 Issue 2

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