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last updated 20/06/2024

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Cause for Celebration, Exceeding Expectation

by Liquorland

last updated 20/06/2024

Talk to any Liquorland franchisee and you’ll quickly appreciate their enthusiasm for the business and the communities they serve

Jeremy Baars and sons - Liquorland Prebbleton Village

‘Life-changing’ is the best way to describe the Liquorland franchise experience, according to those who have experienced the thread that weaves between franchisees. The story behind each franchisee shares common ground: community connection, exceptional support, and a business experience that is both enduring and immensely satisfying. Have a conversation with any Liquorland franchisee about their decision to purchase a franchise and the ‘life-changing’ phrase will undoubtedly be heard.

At Liquorland Mangawhai, franchisee Jo Thomas says her expectations have been far exceeded since taking up the reins in September 2023.  Jo’s career background includes customer-facing roles, handling admin and accounts for husband Jason’s business, and being a stay-at-home mum. She describes her immediate thoughts when Jason floated the idea of a Liquorland franchise one night. ‘I thought, what on earth do I know about running a liquor store?’

However, with transferable skills, a strong connection to the Mangawhai community, and support from the franchise, it meant the decision to buy the business was a no-brainer. The couple consulted with their financial advisor, their mentor, and had conversations with their bank manager, recalls Jo. Eight months on from launching the business, she says, ‘This whole experience gets the big tick from me!’

A family affair

In Christchurch’s new Prebbleton Village shopping centre, Jeremy Baars’s Liquorland franchise is another family business exceeding expectations. Having worked in the liquor industry for 20-plus years, Jeremy had long held a desire to open his own family retail business. ‘I’d worked with Liquorland stores in previous roles as a supplier and always held the group in high regard,’ he recalls.

With Liquorland Prebbleton being a greenfield site, Jeremy garnered as much knowledge ahead of his decision as he could, talking to the franchise support office and local store owners. Prior to opening, he also spent time working at another Liquorland store. ‘That was fantastic, to learn the ropes,’ he recalls. ‘They basically showed me everything we needed to know about running the store – from how the POS and back-office systems worked, to things like promotion cycles and ordering.’

Jeremy formed a business partnership with his wife, sister, and a friend. While they all generally stay in the background, they provide fantastic support when needed, he says. ‘I also have two sons working with me, learning the ins and outs of liquor retailing. Our plan is to continue to grow this store and, when the time’s right, look at a second store if the opportunity presents.’

Jeremy describes Liquorland as ‘an incredibly supportive community’. It’s a community that includes other store owners, the regional operations manager, the support office, through to CEO Brendon Lawry. ‘Joining Liquorland was the best move I could have made,’ Jeremy says. ‘To own my own store and work with family in a community like ours is just so rewarding.’

Ticks in all the right boxes

Former accountant Sharon Wiggins had long wanted to own her own business instead of advising other people how to run theirs. In 2004, she purchased Liquorland Taupō. Initially, Sharon was planning on just a two-to-five-year association. However, 20 years on, she’s still loving the challenge and the industry. She’s enjoying it so much, in fact, that last December she opened Liquorland Kokomea. At the southern end of Taupō, the site is nestled among extensive residential development.

Just like Jason and Jeremy, Sharon could see that the franchise ticked all the right boxes. Ultimately, the reputable brand was what convinced her to be part of it, along with ongoing support from the franchise.                                                              
‘That support includes a full promotional programme, strong supplier terms and great marketing support. They also offer great training through online modules and regular regional meetings,’ she says.

Sharon particularly appreciates the franchise’s strong community connection. She has developed many friendships through the business over the years, leading to plenty of get-togethers and fun times on the golf course!

Highly successful business model

Discussing the Liquorland franchise opportunity with CEO Brendon Lawry and head of merchandise and operations Dave Yurak, the resilience of the franchise becomes clear. It has been operating for more than 40 years, demonstrating an ability to navigate many economic headwinds through the collective experience of the support team.

‘Unlike many other liquor retail chains, we’re a genuine full-service franchise,’ explains Brendon. ‘We have commercial terms that we organise on our franchisees’ behalf, along with an extensive promotional programme. We also have a full-service marketing team, our own IT infrastructure, and we provide all the tools required to run a retail business.’

Supplier connections with Liquorland’s network are incredibly strong, adds Brendon. This is because they have an operating model that performs much better than any buying group, he says. With its 170-plus stores, high brand equity and recognition, and strong organic growth, it’s not surprising that Liquorland has been voted New Zealand’s most trusted liquor retailer multiple times.                                                    
‘If you’re an energetic, positive-minded, hands-on, commercially astute person who understands and loves serving people, and leading a small team, you’ll fit right into the Liquorland business. While previous retail experience is preferred, it’s not essential, provided you understand what it takes to create a great shopping experience for customers.’

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