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by Voideck

last updated 20/06/2024

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The Platforms Driving Onsite Safety

by Voideck

last updated 20/06/2024

Voideck is an exciting ground floor franchise opportunity targeting New Zealand’s construction sector

There has long been a gaping void that separates health & safety in New Zealand’s building and construction sector from Australia’s. Much of that gap relates to void protection – the provision of high quality suspended temporary platform systems which, across the Tasman, are mandatory in the construction industry.
Voideck, with its patented lightweight modular suspended temporary flooring system, has been used widely in the Australian market. Now there is a ground floor opportunity in New Zealand, where Voideck franchises are available throughout the country.

Featuring a securely locked-in ladder, the system can be easily installed as soon as any void is formed on a building site – in places such as stairwells, atriums, lift shafts and service risers – anywhere a safe working platform is required. They are also perfectly suitable for single storey buildings, for the installation of roof trusses and roof framing.

As they are fixed to the building structure itself, Voideck platforms allow unimpeded access for any construction activities below and above the void being protected.

Saving lives and limbs

In 2023, there were 334 falls in New Zealand’s construction industry that resulted in brain injury. Many of these were falls from less than three metres’ height. So, it’s a scenario that’s crying out for a solution.

Voideck is that solution, says franchisor Kevin Jury. He should know – the former quantity surveyor has more than 50 years’ experience in the construction industry on both sides of the Tasman, including 19 years owning a scaffolding business. He remembers a pivotal moment that convinced him to bring the Voideck franchise opportunity to New Zealand. At a major townhouse development on Australia’s Gold Coast, a final year apprentice ended up paraplegic after falling three metres down a stair void. The builder and developer were fined a six-figure sum.

With maximum fines running into seven figures, it’s easy to see why Voideck Temporary Void Platforms will soon become a common sight on New Zealand’s building sites. At a cost of approximately $15 per day, it’s affordable insurance that guarantees the safety of workers working in void areas.                        

Nationwide opportunities

Voideck franchises are now available throughout New Zealand. If you have good communication skills and can build relationships with builders and subcontractors in the construction sector, the sooner you grab this opportunity the better. ‘Having owner-operator franchisees with skin in the game will encourage the development of enduring relationships with clients,’ Kevin says.

A Voideck franchise can initially be operated as a family business, with unlimited potential to expand as market awareness and demand grows. Kevin believes it is especially suited to a father-and-son combination, as has been his own experience working with his son in Wellington.

‘This is a business where the father can work with his son on site initially and, as the business grows, the father can then focus on sales and management, perhaps helping out on site as required.’ Kevin says a typical franchise would have a minimum of 100 Voideck systems able to service 100 building sites at any given time.

Awareness and recognition

Voideck is a golden opportunity for these times, says Kevin, and he is leaving no stone unturned in promoting the franchise. Building awareness is a priority. To this end, he is partnering with the Building Industry Training Centre in Hutt Valley, where apprentices build houses that are relocated, for example. The plan is to install Voideck platforms just below ceiling height, so all the roof framing and cladding can be completed faster and more safely.

‘This prevents any falls and speeds up each job by approximately two weeks,’ Kevin says.

There’s also the potential to partner with local scaffolding companies and not be seen as their competitor, he adds. ‘We’re not a threat to them. After all, I know from personal experience just how inefficient it is to build scaffolding in a stairwell.’

Acclaim for Voideck has also come from winning awards. ‘At the 2020 Safeguard New Zealand Health & Safety Awards, the system won the Innovation category and it was the only entrant over all categories that eliminated a risk,’ says Kevin.

Voideck was also Highly Commended at the Building Institute Awards and won an emerging Wellington Gold Business Award in the services sector.

Growth on a grand scale

While the investment for a 100-system franchise is $370,000 + GST, Kevin points out that $20,000 goes towards training and set-up. The balance of $350,000 covers plant and equipment, which is fully depreciable. ‘Therefore, the first $70,000 of profit you make is not subject to tax,’ he is keen to remind readers.

A starter-pack option of a 25-system package for just $116,250, which includes a deposit on the next tranche of equipment, is also available. Whichever option you prefer, Kevin recommends involving your accountant in the due diligence process. Vendor finance may be available to early bird franchisees, subject to approved security being available.

Franchisees will also be required to provide a suitable vehicle, tools and secure storage.

Initially, you’ll be marketing Voideck in your area and undertaking site installations,’ explains Kevin. ‘Then, as the business expands, you can employ trained installers and move to a full-time marketing/management role.’  

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