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by Jani-King

last updated 19/06/2024

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Changed Lives, Brighter Futures

by Jani-King

last updated 19/06/2024

Jani-King is a commercial cleaning franchise that unlocks the true potential in people

Jeff Groenewald (left) with Lin Zhou and Harold Han

In the South Island’s beautiful Marlborough region, a young couple is rapidly building themselves a bright future. Blenheim-based Simranjeet Singh and Rajmeet Kaur purchased their Jani-King franchise in March 2024 and have since made great progress in growing the business.

While Simranjeet works in their Jani-King franchise in the evenings, he continues to manage his daytime telecommunications business. He says the two responsibilities dovetail nicely; both he and Rajmeet enjoy the time spent working together on the business when his day job ends.

Asked for the key reasons for choosing Jani-King, Simranjeet says it came down to securing their long-term future with an excellent, reputable franchise. Jani-King’s solid credentials in New Zealand and around the world, along with the extensive support services provided for franchisees, sealed the deal for Simranjeet. He says he was drawn to ‘the freedom to work according to me’.

‘I had a long think about this franchise opportunity before deciding to run with it. A chat with Eddie Hooft, Jani-King’s South Island Regional Manager, was also a great help,’ he recalls.

Simranjeet Singh: 'it's all about long-term security'
Simranjeet Singh: 'it's all
about long-term security'

Simranjeet says their Jani-King business is all about providing long-term security for him and his wife, which he feels is vital in an uncertain world. And, while it is still early days, he believes they’re off to a flying start. ‘At the moment, we have two sites in Blenheim, and the Jani-King sales support team is helping to line-up another three sites for us already.’

It is growth that’s easy to manage, he says, and having the support of friends and family is a huge help. ‘They’re happy to see us taking advantage of a proven franchise in the cleaning industry,’ says Simranjeet. ‘Because they can see that it’s such an important opportunity for me and my family.’

He says getting on board was quick and easy, with Jani-King providing local contacts for them around legal, finance and accountancy services. He was also able to use his existing vehicle to get started in the business. ‘The best thing is the Jani-King sales and support team, which works hard to secure more cleaning contracts for us and always responds efficiently to any of our questions.’

True potential realised

To see just how successfully Jani-King franchises perform over the long-term, you need look no further than Harold Han and Lin Zhou, a couple who service clients in Auckland. The couple have won six Auckland Franchisee of the Year awards since starting out with Jani-King in 2014.

Back then, Harold and Lin needed a secondary income to support the family while they both worked full-time in retail and IT. Harold remembers conducting extensive research into the franchise cleaning marketplace before investing in Jani-King, on the back of its excellent reputation. He also remembers that he and Lin had a lot of questions about the franchise and whether it could match their one-year, three-year and five-year plans.

‘We saw that there was a huge amount of support for franchisees, and it simply felt right,’ he remembers. ‘There are also a lot of positive comments about the franchise in online forums.’

Today, Jani-King is the couple’s sole focus. Managing a million-dollar business, multiple high-end customers and 26 employees, Harold and Lin are both hugely grateful for the way the franchisor held their hands through the transition period from paid employees to business owners. They admit there was a lot to learn, but say the support exceeded their expectations. They’re also pleased to say that two of their employees have since gone on to become successful Jani-King franchisees as well.

Work to a plan

If you’re sounding out a Jani-King franchise for the first time, Harold says it’s important to go into it with a plan. ‘Ask, what do you want to achieve in one year, three years and five years’ time?’

He says it’s important to think beyond the ‘day-to-day’ of the business. ‘Make some goals and then talk to the franchisor, to the regional manager and to the operations manager. They will be more than happy to support you in achieving any goals or milestones you might have.’

He also recognises certain attributes, such as good communication skills and a willingness to go the extra mile, help lead to success in business.

The timing is right

Is 2024 a good time to begin your journey in a Jani-King franchise? Harold is convinced it is. Post-pandemic, he believes there is much more awareness and expectation out there around commercial cleaning.

‘People are now giving it a higher priority and placing a greater importance on cleaning and hygiene. Income security has become a top priority, too,’ he says.

Jani-King’s Auckland Regional Manager, Jeff Groenewald, agrees it’s perfect timing to get involved and build a strong business.

Jeff describes this as a business helping committed and motivated individuals establish themselves and provide a thriving opportunity for their family. ‘We have the privilege of supporting our franchisees to reach their goals, and we provide advice and guidance through their journey because we genuinely care. There is no better accomplishment than to see our franchisees succeed'

‘Call us now and let us help you achieve your goals.’ 

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