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by Toyworld

last updated 28/03/2024

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Turning Delight Into Success

by Toyworld

last updated 28/03/2024

Toyworld offers many advantages for retail entrepreneurs looking for great new opportunities

In the vibrant landscape of today’s retail industry, merely meeting customer expectations is no longer the benchmark – it’s about creating unforgettable experiences. Enter Toyworld, a distinguished brand that has mastered the art of merging joy with profitability.

With a rich heritage spanning nearly half a century, Toyworld has become synonymous not just with toys, but with happiness, trust, and community spirit – and it has opportunities around New Zealand for experienced retailers.

Founded in 1976, Toyworld is a co-operative owned by its members and supported by Associated Retailers Limited (ARL), one of Australasia’s largest independent retail groups with over 400 stores across a number of brands. There are 27 Toyworld stores in New Zealand and more than 100 in Australia, giving members access to considerable buying power as well as big-company systems and expertise.

Best of both worlds

‘It’s a combination that gives Toyworld members the best of both worlds,’ says Terry Worthington, ARL’s National Operations Manager. ‘They own their own businesses and enjoy an unparalleled blend of autonomy and support, ensuring that each store is a beacon of both fun and financial success. Here’s why Toyworld stands apart:

  • Empowerment through cooperation Toyworld thrives on a co-operative model that fosters mutual support, idea-sharing, and collective decision-making, all while simplifying administration so that members can focus on what truly matters – their customers.
  • Exceptional brand partnerships Relationships with top toy manufacturers like Lego, Hasbro and Mattel mean Toyworld stores are always stocked with the most sought-after products, making them a one-stop haven for quality toys.
  • Comprehensive marketing support A robust multi-channel marketing strategy, encompassing national TV spots, digital marketing, social media and captivating retail catalogues, drives consistent traffic and sales, supported by ARL’s expert analysis and business management tools.
  • Innovative Retail and Online Synergy Toyworld embraces the digital revolution, offering an extensive online selection that complements the in-store experience, seamlessly integrating the convenience of online shopping with the tactile joy of brick-and-mortar stores.

‘For members, our Point Of Sale and data mining systems deliver immediate, accurate and up to the minute information about sales, customer trends and stock position,’ Terry explains. ‘There are monthly and annual statistics that let them benchmark their sales against the group and see where the opportunities are and, because it’s a co-operative, there’s fantastic collaboration between members. ‘When Toyworld Waihi changed hands last year, the new owners were blown away by how much others wanted to help them.

‘And when it comes to online sales, orders are fulfilled by stores within the group, rather than a central website. That adds millions of dollars’ worth of sales every year, and because we are a co-operative, every member benefits.’

Experienced retailers for good locations

Toyworld is now looking for passionate retailers ready to bring joy to communities in key locations from bustling urban centres such as Auckland and Wellington to scenic destinations  like fast-growing Queenstown and Nelson. With opportunities for both mall and ‘big box’ store formats, multi-store ownership is also an option – as several existing members have proved. Investment levels start from around $500,000 +gst, with no upfront fee.

‘It all adds up to a flexible platform for entrepreneurial success,’ says Terry. ‘We will help you with site selection, lease negotiation, store fit-out and initial stock. We take store development to the next level: your customers will be greeted by a well-planned and organised store with vibrant colours, designed to be bright and friendly to encourage customers to move throughout the store and enjoy their time browsing and shopping.

‘There is full training and familiarisation with all the systems and processes, and ongoing support from the offices in both New Zealand and Australia. In addition to the regular contact between members, we have an annual conference in Taupo, and an annual trip to the Melbourne Toy Fair which informs what goes into our catalogues as core stock.’

A source of happiness

‘If you are an experienced retailer who dreams of owning a business that’s not just profitable but also a source of happiness and community engagement, we want to hear from you,’ Terry invites.

‘Toyworld is the local toyshop that has delighted children, parents and grandparents for generations. Joining the group means embarking on a fulfilling journey, where every smile on a child’s face reflects the success of your business.

‘Discover the Toyworld difference and explore how your entrepreneurial spirit can thrive in a retail landscape that values fun, community and innovation. Contact us to learn more about the vibrant opportunities awaiting you at Toyworld – where the business of play transforms into the joy of success.’   

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