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by The Local Guys

last updated 28/03/2024

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Getting In First

by The Local Guys

last updated 28/03/2024

Early birds for The Local Guys reap benefits – and a guaranteed return

Some people know a good opportunity when they see it – but they don’t always like to be first off the block. Twelve months ago, Noel Ovington became just the second Test & Tag franchisee with The Local Guys in Sydney, and that opened the floodgates. ‘When I joined, the franchise wasn’t doing any advertising in NSW because one franchisee couldn’t handle all the work that was coming in,’ explains Noel. ‘With six of us now, the business is racing ahead. I made the right choice.’

It’s a story that’s very relevant to New Zealand. The Local Guys launched its Test & Tag service here last year, and work is already flooding in. That means opportunities for franchisees all over the country to enjoy the same rapid growth as Noel.

Demand for The Local Guys Test & Tag service is driven by Health and Safety regulations, which require the testing and tagging of most electrical equipment in the commercial sector every year, six months or even three months. However, franchisees don’t need to be electricians, as Noel explains.

‘I spent 25 years as a journalist then moved into the corporate world as a media manager,’ he recalls. ‘It was getting really pressured and I wasn’t enjoying it. I came home one evening and said to my wife I’d had enough; it was time to buy a business.

‘I didn’t want to hang around, and obviously I had a price range. I quickly decided on a franchise because I reckoned the chances of being successful with the support were much greater. I knew testing and tagging was growing because of the regulations, and I also knew this generated ongoing business.’

Thinking it through

Noel researched several franchises and quickly singled out The Local Guys as his best option. ‘They were a young company with good, forward-looking people. They were already well-established in Adelaide so they had experience, but with only one franchisee in NSW they offered the opportunity to choose my area and establish a thriving business.

‘With my journalist’s enquiring mind, I thought it all through in detail. I could see getting in at ground level would have big advantages, and I very much liked the idea of a B2B business which I could operate myself, rather than relying on staff.’

Noel contacted franchisor Jarrad Goulding who, after a long chat, suggested, “Think about what I’ve told you and give me another ring in a week.” So Noel did, and the result was the same – he wanted in. ‘I started with The Local Guys less than three months later, and haven’t looked back since.’

So successful it’s guaranteed

Jarrad and his wife Stacey have established a successful formula for service franchises over the last ten years. The couple know franchising inside out, having previously been franchisees themselves in the hospitality sector, and found The Local Guys’ approach ideally suited to the Test & Tag market.

‘Noel has proven our formula works in a greenfield site. The demand is there, as demonstrated by the growth that Noel’s joining spurred, and it’s only going to increase. We expect the same to happen in New Zealand, and are so confident that when you join us we’ll give you the security of a $1,100 per week work guarantee for your first year.

‘Our philosophy is “Franchise Partner First”. We look on every franchisee – we call them franchise partners – as a member of our family, and we are committed to help them achieve success.

‘As a mobile-based business, you’ll benefit from high profit margins and low overheads. There’s full training for all parts of the business from administration and marketing to in-field technical skills, there’s ongoing support, and an easy-to-use dashboard to help you amplify your income and expand your business.

Fast-growing business

Noel found his business grew quickly. ‘The franchise started advertising locally while I went out cold-calling and leafletting. I had a handful of jobs in February, more in March, a healthy bunch of national clients through the Adelaide office in April, and from then it was on a roll. I’m now picking up all the repeat business from those first jobs a year ago, so it’s growing and growing.

‘I’ve found the whole experience to be very positive. I had hands-on training with the franchisor and several of the other franchisees, and as a result I started very confidently. The franchise deals with queries immediately and, as franchisees, we help each other.

‘My advice is don’t be afraid to ask questions – there’s always help from the franchise when you need it. Do all the jobs that come your way – experience and contacts all count. Put in the effort and it will probably take off more quickly than you think. Frankly, it’s exceeded all my expectations.’

And Jarrad encourages anyone looking for similar opportunities this side of the Tasman to get in touch. ‘We’ve got a great formula, so give us a call and find out more. Opportunity awaits!’ 

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