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by Ezy Kitchens

last updated 28/03/2024

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The Heart of Every Home

by Ezy Kitchens

last updated 28/03/2024

Ezy Kitchens brings sparkling fresh options to homeowners and entrepreneurs alike

New kitchens, DIY kitchens, and renovations are always in demand. That means Ezy Kitchens franchisees enjoy a variety of income streams including kitchen cabinetry, refaces, installations and appliances, which has helped the South Island-based franchise establish a strong network from Nelson to Invercargill. Now they are looking for franchisees in regional centres throughout New Zealand, with both an innovative mobile-first model and a traditional showroom model offering different investment options.

Ezy Kitchens was founded in 2007 by Ricky Pont and Cheryl Petterson. The Invercargill couple had a very successful kitchen business within another group, but when the original franchisor folded, Ricky and Cheryl got the franchisees together and established Ezy Kitchens with business partners Richard and Sonya Hill, owners of a leading Christchurch joinery manufacturer. This ensured consistent production quality and supply chain reliability and gave them a philosophy which has served them successfully for 17 years: ‘Made here. By us, for you.’

Ezy Kitchens is also a member of the Betta Electrical group, which gives stores better buying power and allows them to buy brands and models not available to other kitchen retailers.

Thriving in regional centres  

Dushay Pont shares his parents’ passion to make Ezy Kitchens a leading brand nationwide. As Franchise Development Manager, he has no doubt the country is ready for Ezy Kitchens, with opportunities in both new and existing markets throughout New Zealand.

‘We’ve found Ezy Kitchens thrives in regional centres where sophisticated social marketing and other activities quickly establish and build brand awareness,’ says Dushay. ‘That makes the franchise a great opportunity for a local person who is sales-focused and determined to offer top-quality service. We provide proven and constantly-upgraded systems processes and product, established supplier support and buying, and economies of scale achieved through our centralised manufacturing.

‘Ezy Kitchens franchisees offer a total package of design, supply and install of cabinetry, benchtops, appliances and accessories, with options for every home. The renovation market is also huge, with property owners and landlords adding value through upgraded kitchens.’

Another major revenue stream for franchisees is the DIY sector. ‘Our Ezy Express Kitchens service doesn’t do flat packs or import from overseas – instead franchisees can supply made-to-measure, assembled moisture-resistant cabinetry, along with hardware and appliances. Our full service offer means either we can manage the installation or leave it to the client to arrange themselves. The combination makes for a business which offers a very good return on investment for franchisees.’

Two investment levels

Ezy Kitchens’ practical approach extends to the business model itself, with new franchisees able to choose from two different investment levels.

‘A kitchen franchise usually requires investment in a showroom, which can be quite a big investment in the current economic climate,’ Dushay explains. ‘We offer you the option of starting out as a vehicle-based mobile franchise with just two people and installation work contracted out, then opening a showroom after an agreed period when the business is ready. This allows you to get into business for around $50,000 with a further $50,000 minimum working capital.

‘Alternatively, you can choose to open a showroom from the start, which requires a larger investment of around $100,000 with a further $100,000 minimum working capital. The initial fee can be spread over an agreed period for the right people.’ 
Full training is provided, with on-going systems, procedures and product development, marketing and advertising, and ‘no limit’ support services all being funded from designated supplier rebates. ‘No royalties,’ Dushay points out.

Just follow the process

Alisha Simpson only bought her franchise in July 2022 and has seen rapid growth since – thanks, she says, to sticking with the procedures the franchise has developed over many years.

‘From my experience of the kitchen industry, Ezy Kitchens has the best systems out there, along with amazing advertising and marketing,’ says Alisha. ‘Ricky and Cheryl, Richard and Dushay make a great, always supportive, franchisor team. Dushay is always one step ahead with information, pricing and other technologies that further help franchisees grow their business asset.

‘Do I recommend Ezy Kitchens as a franchise opportunity? Absolutely! Contact Dushay and find out more.’

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