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by Mizin

last updated 07/12/2023

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Bigger & Better

by Mizin

last updated 07/12/2023

Mizin Cabin Hire provides a healthy semi-passive income to franchisees

HIANZ President Amy Gillies presenting one of the Awards to Gordon and Mary Green of Mizin

As a business owner, the great thing about the hire industry is that your assets are making money for you when someone else is using them. In the case of Mizin portable cabins, that means that once your cabin has been sited on the customer’s property, it’s generating income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s a benefit that makes a Mizin franchise hugely attractive to anyone looking for a semi-passive income – and it’s backed by standards of construction and service that have seen Mizin named 2023 Hire Company of the Year in the up-to-$2.5m turnover category by the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ). The company also received a Merit Award in the Innovation and Technology category. 2023 HIANZ Hire Company of the Year up to $2.5m 2023 HIANZ Merit Award for Innovation & Technology

Now Mizin is looking for more franchisees around the country to join those already experiencing the healthy returns that the business can generate.

Recognised as the best

Mary and Gordon Green founded Mizin nine years ago because they saw a gap in the market for better quality cabins than were being offered by other companies. ‘We were right,’ says Mary with obvious pride. ‘Today, our franchisees have nearly 700 cabins hired out around the country, and we have assembly plants on both islands. 

‘The HIANZ awards came as a complete surprise. We hadn’t even entered – we were put up for the awards by our peers without our knowledge – so the value was even greater. From a franchisee perspective, these awards have cemented our position as the leading provider of quality portable cabins in the nation. To be recognised in this way reflects the effort we have put in over the years.’

Portable cabin hire is suitable for a wide range of uses: an extra bedroom or home office; site office; shop; clinic or expansion medical centre; and a whole lot more. There are add-on options including heat pumps and even entry ramps for medical professionals, all of which increase hire revenue. Mizin is a WINZ-approved accommodation provider, classified as a NZ Essential Service Company and certified as compliant with NZ Healthy Homes Standards. 

‘It means there is massive demand for our cabins for medium and long-term hires, and we are constantly fielding enquiries in our call centre and website to pass on to franchisees. Our approach is, “Learn your customer’s problem, then solve it for them.”’

Warm, dry, healthy – and easy

Mizin cabins are warm, dry and healthy, and come in a range of sizes up to 2.4m x 4.8m. Each is built on a steel base with extra thick insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor cavity to retain heat and reduce noise. They are designed to survive severe knocks and not deteriorate or warp over time. The external vinyl cladding has a 50-year life guarantee and the framing is built to housing standards. 

High-quality carpets, thermal-backed curtains, two sets of double sockets, 10-year fire alarm and electrical certification all come as standard, and there’s even a rear gutter and down-pipe, with deck and canopy. ‘New regulations regarding portable building sizes mean we’ve also been able to construct a model with the ranch slider on the side rather than the end, which is proving very popular as more sunshine gets in when positioned properly,’ says Mary.

Ah yes, positioning. One of the earliest innovations Mizin made was to the delivery system. ‘Siting a cabin can call for awkward manoeuvring behind a four-wheel drive, so we developed a self-propelled trailer as part of the package. All a franchisee has to do is unhitch the trailer, switch on its electric motor and use a remote control to steer the cabin into position. Electric rams at each corner lift the cabin, then lower it on to four levelling stabilisers – it couldn’t be simpler! And in really difficult situations, Mizin cabins can also be lifted into position by a Hiab or crane.’

It starts working and goes on working

There are currently eight Mizin franchisees around the country, some of whom have taken more than one territory once they experienced the value of the franchise as a secure source of semi-passive income.

‘Like the cabins, our business model is simple, robust and designed for long-term investment,’ Mary continues. ‘We offer a range of entry levels depending on the size of the territory. You can start from $275,000, which will include 10 cabins, the custom trailer and an initial launch package to get you going. With those cabins hired out, you can then grow as large as you like.

‘With weekly hires starting from $85 per week and going up to $185 for a top-of-the-range model with air conditioning, about 100 cabins can generate income of $8,000 to $10,000 per week. This is an attractive proposition to anyone retired or semi-retired, but equally it’s a highly profitable family business for younger generations. It’s easy to run, too – once you’ve agreed a minimum hire period and delivered the cabin, it starts working for you and goes on working.’

Mizin has several territories available right now. ‘We are looking for people who share our pride in the brand, are willing to go the extra mile for clients, and want a business that can provide maximum return for minimum involvement,’ Mary ends. ‘To find out more, contact Gordon today.’   

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