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last updated 07/12/2023

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by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 07/12/2023

V.I.P. Home Services enables mum to enjoy family and business alike

Yashmeen Ali: 'Six years later, I know I made a good decision'

With two small children, the first thing Yashmeen Ali was looking for in her own business was flexibility – and the second thing was an above-average income. ‘I found both with V.I.P. Home Services,’ she smiles. ‘What more could you ask?’

Yashmeen had been working in sales, but after five years with a large company she was ready for a change. ‘I wanted to have my own business, something that would allow me to choose my own hours and clients,’ she explains. ‘I found a V.I.P. cleaning business on Auckland’s North Shore, and immediately liked what I saw.’

Yashmeen arranged to meet Estelle and John Logan, who are V.I.P’s national franchisors for New Zealand. ‘They were both absolutely lovely and crystal clear about the business, and that made my decision easy, but to be on the safe side I also took advice from an accountant who understood the franchising sector. He confirmed that it was a solid business and said, “To succeed, you need to be dedicated.” I thought, “That suits me,” and bought it. It was everything they said and, six years later, I know I made a  good decision.’

The modest investment required meant Yashmeen was lucky enough to be a cash buyer, having money saved towards a business. ‘Not needing a bank loan made the whole process quicker, and having no interest payments means more of the profits go into my pocket.’

Proven formula for over 40 years

V.I.P. offers two different kinds of franchise: indoor (all types of cleaning) and outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and other work). Estelle Logan says there is never a shortage of work for franchisees. 

‘When they reach the point where they have more work than they can handle, they can choose whether to employ staff or sell clients on for other franchisees to service. This can recoup some of their initial investment in one go, and also enables them to concentrate their business in a smaller area, cutting down travel time and maximising profitability. It’s a formula that has worked superbly for so many of our franchisees over more than 40 years.’

Yashmeen agrees. She grew her business rapidly, with V.I.P’s reputation generating enquiries from potential new clients every week. ‘I took on staff for a while, but I found I enjoyed doing the work myself rather than managing others, so I chose to sell off the extra work. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I actually love cleaning, so it suits me better. I work the hours I choose and have all the customers I can handle – if someone moves away, there is never a problem replacing them.’

Fitness, honesty and support

Another big bonus many V.I.P. franchisees speak of is their increased fitness from the nature of the work – whether indoor or outdoor. ‘I certainly got fitter within a short time of starting in 2017, and I had to stay fit because I had another baby within two years. I was working up until days before giving birth. I now have three children and the business is my baby, too!’

What qualities does Yashmeen believe are essential to succeed as a V.I.P. franchisee? ‘Having a relationship with your clients based on reliability and honesty,’ she replies without hesitation. ‘In many cases I rarely see my clients, as they are at work and give me the keys to their homes. They need to know they can trust you to go into their home, and that trust must be maintained with good communication. 

‘With any business there are responsibilities, but with V.I.P. I have found the flexibility I wanted to work round school hours, bring up my family, and run a successful business which I enjoy. V.I.P. has been wonderfully supportive throughout my journey, and I know that I can ask John or Estelle more or less anything at any hour of the day, and they will always find an answer.’ 

Great lifestyle and income

‘If you’re looking for a good opportunity, V.I.P. offers a very flexible system that can be tailored to your needs,’ says Estelle. ‘Helping people achieve what they want from their businesses has always been important to us, and Yashmeen has been a great example of what you can achieve – even as a busy mum. 

‘A V.I.P. franchise is a solid long-term investment that can give you a great lifestyle and above-average income. We provide full training in everything from efficient working methods and equipment maintenance to managing and growing your business, and you’ll enjoy a paid training period before you start earning.

‘We are currently seeking new franchisees for both services in many parts of the country, with varying investment levels to match your aspirations. Give me a call to learn more.’   

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