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last updated 07/12/2023

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Wisdom From Wellington

by JIm's Mowing

last updated 07/12/2023

Jim’s Mowing franchisee enjoys both profit and family life after a change of career

Kyle Joseph: 'The profitability goes on growing'

Kyle Joseph is a happy man. ‘The best part of my new life is that I have a wonderful balance of owning a profitable business and having a good family life,’ says the Kapiti-based Jim’s Mowing franchisee. ‘Making the change I did two years ago has given me both!’

Being in the Wellington region made it even easier to make the change. Jim’s Mowing has a real need for more people all round the area to meet demand from customers looking for reliable, quality lawn and garden services. ‘If you’re ready for a business of your own near Wellington and the Wairarapa – or anywhere else in the country – call me urgently!’ says Stephen Kirby, Jim’s Divisional Support Manager.

As fitness manager for a big health provider, Kyle had been putting money aside to set up his own business in the health industry, but Covid changed his perspective. ‘I’d also spent 14 years working at Te Papa, so I had business and organisational skills, and I felt it was time to put them to good use in something self-directed.’

Kyle was already aware of the Jim’s brand and could see how effective it was. ‘Although I considered going independent, the advantage of buying into a franchise with training, systems and ready-made clients meant I would be up and running from day one.’  

As part of his research, he looked at other franchises in the same field, ‘But I felt that Jim’s had a better fee structure and was tailored toward the franchisee rather than the company.’

I recouped my investment within 6 months

Kyle was able to buy a territory with around 20 established clients local to his home in Kapiti. ‘I had two full weeks training in the field with a couple of other franchisees, as well as the standard Jim’s business training, then I was out there doing it for myself. Having been working previously for a big national company and doing pretty well, leaving that all behind and heading into the unknown was scary,’ he admits. ‘But at the end of the day, it was a case of backing myself, knowing I had a great brand behind me and that hard work would pay off.’ 

His efforts certainly did pay off, as Kyle estimates he had recouped his entire investment in the brand within six months and has since built a thriving business. ‘Rather than trying to do lots of smaller lawns every day, I’ve been courting bigger commercial contracts. I now work with one of the local councils and a couple of big service providers, which is a really good way to build a steady income.’

Like most Jim’s Mowing franchisees, Kyle has also diversified into other seasonal jobs. ‘Mowing tends to be full-on most of the time, but during quieter months there are plenty of other opportunities. I do gardening and a bit of landscaping, and work with a local arborist, so the profitability goes on growing.’

Start small and grow

After two years on the job, what advice would Kyle offer to a would-be Jim’s Mowing franchisee? ‘I’d suggest you take the opportunity to start small and grow as you get used to the work,’ he says. ‘Put money aside to invest in your business: new equipment to handle bigger jobs or marketing to bring in the work you want. 

‘Jim’s always has opportunities if you want them, and some franchisees grow to the point where they actually sell off portions of their business to newer franchisees. That allows you to choose the clients you want to service and recoups some of your initial investment. I’d certainly recommend it – it is a very well-supported franchise, and Jim’s really do put their franchisees first.’

Work when you want

Kyle believes communication with his clients has been key to his success. ‘I’ve had a lot of referrals, and people also phone me from the number on my trailer. Because they’re often out when I’m working, I do a monthly newsletter to all my clients, letting them know about the season, what they can do to look after their lawn and gardens, and how I can help them. It keeps me top of mind without hassling them.

‘I’m fitter than ever, being outdoors is a big bonus, and there’s no commuting. I can tailor my hours to have time with my family. Owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise really is the best of the best!’

Earn what you want

Jim’s Mowing is seeking self-motivated, customer-focused people who want to run their own successful businesses all around New Zealand. 

‘We provide help and assistance every step of the way,’ says Stephen Kirby. ‘As Kyle has found, the Jim’s name brings in all the work you want to handle, and we also provide the training and contact with other franchisees which gives you fresh ideas to build your business to the level of income that you want while working the hours that suit you. Opportunities start from as little as $20,000 +gst.

‘If you’d like the satisfaction of both working for yourself and enjoying a good family life like Kyle, give us a ring. We’d love to hear from you.’  

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