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by Voideck

last updated 07/12/2023

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New Franchise Fills Industry Void

by Voideck

last updated 07/12/2023

Voideck is a game-changing franchise for the New Zealand construction industry

Voideck franchisees are needed all over the country to provide safe working patforms on construction sites

If you’re keen to be in on the ground-floor of an exciting new business opportunity, then check out Voideck®. Launched in Australia ten years ago, the suspended temporary platform system has been successfully used on construction sites across the Tasman ever since.

Voideck is a patented lightweight modular temporary void platform which can be installed as soon as any void is formed on a building site, including stairwells, atriums, lift shafts and service risers. This provides:

  • Immediate fall protection to the void area; 
  • A safe working platform; 
  • Unobstructed access above and below the platform for the duration of the construction process. 

Individual aluminium panels can be removed and replaced to allow loading and access in-between levels. The cost-effective system creates increased efficiencies for the finishing trades, and eliminates the need for handrails around a void.

Built on experience

Kevin Jury is the driving force behind the Voideck system as well as the franchise opportunity. A former quantity surveyor, Kevin has over 50 years’ experience across all aspects of the construction industry in  both Australia and New Zealand, including 19 years owning a  scaffolding business.

‘Void protection is a mandatory requirement in the Australian construction industry and is stringently enforced,’ says Kevin. ‘With amendments to New Zealand’s WorkSafe Act 2015 set to place fall protection front-of-mind for every construction company owner, developer and foreman across the country, the timing for the franchise couldn’t be better.

‘We’ve just launched the latest version of the product and, by implementing a franchised network of licensed Voideck installers now, we have first-mover advantage to make the most of the opportunity.’

Nationwide rollout

Voideck franchises are available throughout New Zealand right now. ‘In my experience, personal relationships with builders and subcontractors are the predominant way of doing business in the industry,’ Kevin says. ‘Having owner-operator franchisees with skin in the game will enable them to develop enduring relationships with clients.

‘They can educate clients on the benefits of the system, including eliminating the risk of workers falling through void areas and making them more productive through having a safe, secure platform to work on. 

‘Together with local knowledge, this will allow franchisees to expand their business exponentially. We will also build partnerships with existing scaffolding companies in parts of the country where it would be uneconomic to have a stand-alone business.’

Family business with room to grow

A Voideck franchise can be operated initially as a family business, with unlimited potential to expand as market demand grows. Kevin says a typical franchise will have a minimum of 100 Voideck systems in order to service up to 100 clients at any one time. 

‘The investment required for a 100-system franchise is $370,000 +gst,’ he explains. ‘However, as an introductory offer for the first five franchisees, there is an option of an initial 25-system package for just $116,250. Vendor finance may also be available to early bird franchisees, subject to approved security being available.’ Franchisees will also require a suitable vehicle, tools and secure storage.

‘Initially, you will be marketing Voideck in your area and undertaking site installations then, as the business expands, you can employ trained installers and move to a full-time marketing/management role.’

And he says the business offers a healthy work/lifestyle balance. ‘With no weekend or public holiday work, you can earn a steady, comfortable income while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.’

Background and skills

Do you have experience or knowledge of New Zealand’s building or construction industry? Do you have construction project management experience, a trade, or perhaps a scaffolding background? Kevin is keen to hear from people with any of these skills and abilities. 

Ideally, you will also have good business acumen; clear, strong communication skills; understand compliance and site safe practices; have a pragmatic approach to problem-solving; and a high level of integrity and commitment to deliver service.

‘We provide full management and installation training at our Wellington base, which we set up in 2020 to fine-tune our business systems, operational procedures and marketing material for the local market. Once established, there will be daily support, assistance from a dedicated sales and marketing team, full training, and ongoing mentorship.

‘We’ve proved that it works – we’ve won New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards, Wellington Gold Awards, and been Highly Commended in the 2020 New Zealand Building Industry Awards. We’ll be passing all that experience on to our franchisees so they can build successful businesses of their own.’

Solid return on investment

Kevin says that Voideck offers a lucrative business model, with return on investment varying according to the level of initial investment and each franchisee’s ability to grow their business. ‘A franchise of 100 systems should return the initial investment within three years,’ he suggests.

‘Our aim is to become the preferred supplier of void protection to New Zealand’s construction industry. To be part of that, contact me today and find out more about the Voideck opportunity in your area.’   

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