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by Biform Solid Composite Decking

last updated 07/12/2023

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by Biform Solid Composite Decking

last updated 07/12/2023

Biform Solid Composite Decking is a unique business opportunity in the building products industry

Biform Solid Composite Decking was a new name at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards this year, and the sustainable building product company made it through to finalist status at its very first attempt. That’s an impressive result – so what is Biform and what makes it such a good business opportunity?

Biform is a family-owned business which has operated successfully for nearly 20 years. ‘Our foundation aim was to reduce reliance on slow-growing hardwood from forests that take longer to replenish,’ explains managing director Tau Aupa’au. ‘We worked with a manufacturer to create a distinctive blend of recycled plastic and wood waste that is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to traditional hardwood decking.’

While wood-plastic composite decking has been widely used in other parts of the world for decades, it’s still relatively new in New Zealand – and Biform is the leading name in the sector here. Besides being environmentally-friendly, the decking won’t warp or crack and the hidden fixing system ticks all the design boxes to provide an elegant decking solution. In addition, it has anti-fungal properties and, with no splinters, is family-friendly. Biform also offers a range of SPC Premium indoor flooring.’

Loved by architects, builders and customers

Biform operates nationally via a network of franchisees who sell and advise on installation of the products in their own territories. An important part of their role is developing relationships with the architects, builders and customers who will specify and use Biform. 

Architects can have a high level of confidence in Biform as the only BRANZ-appraised composite decking product in its market segment. Biform also holds a promotional licence from the Forest Stewardship Council, an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.  

Builders enjoy using Biform knowing their clients will be satisfied. This confidence is enhanced by the level of customer support Biform provides – franchisees have the training and systems to provide individual plans for each decking project, while the Biform support team is available at the end of the phone if a builder has any questions during installation.

Best of all, customers love Biform decking and flooring solutions because of its contemporary look and performance. ‘Apart from the environmental benefits, it offers a winning combination of durability and low maintenance,’ says Tau.

Opportunities around the country

Biform now has a number of opportunities around the country for new franchisees looking to establish a thriving business servicing clients in their own region. 

‘We provide extensive and ongoing training and business mentoring as part of our franchise package, as well as supporting franchisees to reach potential customers with marketing tools, systems management and product information,’ Tau says. 

‘An investment from $55,000 +gst provides you with everything you need to start your own business and offers potentially excellent returns. Franchisees also have a high degree of control over how they want to develop their business while being part of a wider team working together.

‘As proud local businesses, Biform franchisees’ financial success is built on a strong partnership. Franchisees provide the same level of genuine engagement with customers as Biform’s founders, who continue to operate one of the franchise areas themselves.’

Passionate franchisees

In a recent survey of its network, Biform identified just what sets it apart as a franchise system and how it provides value and satisfaction for the team around New Zealand.

Canterbury South franchisees Reece and Rachel Trotter say they love the product and the fact that they are able to easily blend their practical skills alongside their sales expertise. ‘We looked at several businesses but kept coming back to Biform,’ Reece says. ‘The franchise gives us the ability to control our own destiny and build a retirement asset to pass on to our children.’

And other franchisees speak about Biform’s strong focus and attention to deck design and detail. ‘I enjoy transferring the client’s ideas to practical and aesthetically-pleasing installation solutions, and working with them to help achieve their decking dreams,’ says Lynn Muscat who, with partner Ben Lythe, owns the Biform franchise in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

‘We are passionate about protecting our native landscape and environment so future generations can enjoy our beautiful country,’ she says. ‘It’s great to work with a company that shares these values.’ She says they also love providing clients with beautiful, sustainable outdoor living spaces so they can enjoy more time with their family and friends.

Find out more

As Biform continues to grow around the country and expands its network, so the company is re-investing in infrastructure. Today, new franchisees will benefit from a state-of-the-art warehouse, and be supported by a powerful Customer Relationship Management system to help them make the most of every opportunity. There is also ongoing marketing support and lead generation.

‘For anyone with good contacts in the building sector, the ability to build good relationships, and a passion for providing sustainable solutions in our beautiful country, this is the opportunity of a lifetime,’ Tau says. ‘Contact us now and find out about joining our successful Biform franchise team.’   

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