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by Kitset Assembly Services

last updated 06/12/2023

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Putting It All Together

by Kitset Assembly Services

last updated 06/12/2023

Kitset Assembly Services franchisees build long-term business assets

Galvin Milich assembling a garden shed for a customer.

With a growing population, new houses and offices going up every week, and a lot of furniture and other equipment being delivered in self-assembly format, it’s no surprise that Kitset Assembly Services is in high demand. 

Galvin Milich, Kitset Assembly Services
Galvin Milich

‘People these days are not only time-poor – they also haven’t developed much in the way of handyman skills, don’t have the tools or don’t have the patience to work out instructions when they can be earning at their real job,’ says Galvin Milich. ‘The average flatpack has anxiety attached to it and that’s what Kitset franchisees do: take away stress and save customers time and money. 

‘I bought my Kitset Assembly Services franchise north of Auckland in 2019. Starting from zero, I built an annual turnover of $150,000 in just two years. Many of my clients are regulars – if you do a good job, you’ll inevitably be called back for something else. There is a real shortage of reliable tradies out there so if you can turn up when you say you will, and do the job you say you’ll do, you’ll be in demand, simple as that.

‘I was rung this week by a repeat customer for whom I have done multiple assemblies and disassemblies of a trampoline. Their child needs stimulation, and I’ve saved them the angst and stress of dealing with their trampoline every time they move. They rang again to ask me to put up a picture, and later in the week to put up a shelf. There are just so many little jobs that save people valuable time and effort – and they appreciate it.’

Solutions on the spot

Kitset Assembly Services was founded in 2017. Owners Jennifer Lees and William Flew both have over 30 years’ business experience, and have been joined by CEO Grant Nye, who has over 20 years’ experience in franchising. The result is a formidable team which has grown the business from 4 franchisees to nearly 40 all over New Zealand, and has gone international, too. Demand means there are still more opportunities for Kiwi franchisees.

Kitset franchisees are not just handymen but are fully trained in product assembly to manufacturers’ specifications. ‘The range of products on the market continues to grow, and we supply a solution for both retailers and customers,’ Galvin says. ‘And we are not hampered by exclusive deals with any one supplier – we have over 100 retail and supply partners from which to draw a healthy business, including some of the biggest brands in New Zealand. That’s good for them and good for us, because we’re removing a problem for their customers, too.’

Both franchisees and customers are supported by some clever technology. ‘Customers can access our online booking portal via the website, which gives them access to instant estimates on thousands of fixed-priced assemblies,’ Galvin explains. ‘In addition, Kitset has developed a proprietary software solution, ToolKit, which is a world-class job management system covering scheduling and billing. It’s specifically designed around the requirements of our franchisees.’

Wrap-around support

Galvin’s background was in the corporate sector of the automotive industry. ‘I got into a rut, and I wanted out,’ he states bluntly. ‘I have a very DIY mentality, so when I came across Kitset Assembly Services it appealed immediately.’ 

Having built his own territory into a profitable asset, Galvin had valuable experience to share, so he also became National Field Trainer. ‘I take new franchisees through their four-week training course, spend time with them in their new business, meet their suppliers and first clients and iron out any teething problems. 

‘It fits the philosophy of the company that this is not a “get out there and good luck” type of business – it offers wrap-around support to help franchisees become as successful as they can. They may be in business for themselves, but they are most definitely not by themselves.’

Join an awesome network

Kitset Assembly Services describes itself as ‘unapologetically fussy’ about whom they choose as franchisees. ‘We have an awesome network of individuals who are in business for themselves, understand the strength of our brand and network, and are invested in providing a simple solution for our customers, while creating their own destiny.

‘Again, it is quality we are looking for,’ says Galvin. ‘We are seeking to recruit quality new franchisees. This is not a “buy a job” franchise; it’s an opportunity to build a long-term asset which offers terrific variety, the opportunity to meet many people, and a healthy turnover. Average turnovers vary between $120,000 to $275,000.

‘The total investment is between $55,000 and $60,000 +gst, depending on tools and vehicle. Most franchisees seek their own finance; however, Kitset is also able to put you in touch with several finance companies who understand our business. 

‘If you are a practical person, have strong communication skills, understand customer service and have the desire to succeed, give William at Kitset a call. If it’s a fit,  he’d be delighted to help you get started and turn your skills into a business with a real future.’   

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