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by Eftpos New Zealand

last updated 14/09/2023

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Quick And Simple

by Eftpos New Zealand

last updated 14/09/2023

Eftpos NZ makes life easier and business better for franchisees and franchisors

CK : making life easier for franchisors, franchisees and customers alike

One of the first rules of business is to make it easy for customers to give you their money – and that’s exactly what Eftpos NZ does.

But the company can offer franchisors and franchisees a lot more than just payment terminals. Its new generation Android devices are able to integrate with Point Of Sale systems to provide more efficient transactions and better management information.

‘The new Android terminals are more attractive and more user-friendly,’ explains Santosh Ramji, a POS specialist with Eftpos NZ. ‘They also enable third parties to develop their own apps to make life easier for merchants and improve the shopping experience for consumers.

‘At the same time, they can be connected to many POS systems to speed up service and save staff having to double-enter information. They can also be integrated into self-order kiosks, further increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of mistakes, or you could take a mobile terminal to a customer at their table or their home to take order and payment in one. It can also be used to link to online booking or retail systems.

‘The result is immediate payment, reduced bad debt, fewer admin hassles and better reporting. With POS systems that are linked to inventory management, you can even update your stock at the same time.’

Case study

Corporate Cabs is one franchise that has made the most of the advantages offered by the new Eftpos NZ Android terminals. The company, which services the corporate and luxury market, prides itself on giving each customer a first-class experience. That means having a simple and intuitive payment process to make every journey even smoother – and, working with Eftpos NZ, that was exactly what the company developed.

The goal was to create an on-device POS solution that worked alongside their pre-journey process using Corporate Cabs’ own booking apps and website. By deploying the app on to the new Android terminal, it created a seamless payment experience.

In the old system, the driver had to enter payment amounts manually into the terminal to complete payment, which not only dragged out the process for the passenger but also left a margin for keying errors by the driver. With the new solution, the driver simply swipes the screen on the device and selects the job details. The correct fare amount then automatically appears on the terminal, ready for payment. The passenger just needs to tap their card to pay, and then they can be on their way.

Franchisees love it too, praising:

  • The speed of the process for both passenger and driver.
  • The seamless connection between the taxi unit and the terminal.
  • The Android terminal’s big screen, which makes it easier for the passenger to see the transaction.
  • The battery life, with the charge lasting between 2-3 days depending on the number of transactions per day.

While new technology can be scary, Corporate Cabs CEO Cameron Allison says that franchisees love this integration because it makes their lives easier. It’s also reduced errors, leading to less admin for back office staff when reconciling transactions – a win all round.

Harness the power of the franchise

Eftpos NZ has been New Zealand’s favourite payment provider for 30 years, and now services over 50,000 businesses around the country from local cafés to multinationals.

‘One of the advantages of franchising is the power that groups have to create and share new, purpose-built technology with their franchisees,’ says Chaitanya Kothapalli (CK), the company’s Senior Business Development Manager. ‘As the Corporate Cabs example shows, by partnering with Eftpos NZ you can make life easier for franchisors, franchisees and customers alike.

‘Eftpos NZ doesn’t just supply EFTPOS terminals for fixed or mobile use. We also offer online payments that enable you to create a seamless and secure online payment experience for your customers with our Verifone online payment gateway and checkout solutions. Whether you have a website or not, we can provide a secure payment gateway and tools to help you monitor and manage your transactions.

‘There’s another advantage that Eftpos NZ can offer franchises – better information. From Verifone Central, franchisors can see all transactions for all locations on the network, and franchisees can see their own info. Via the dashboard, they can drill down by day, location and even individual terminal, see weekly or quarterly trends and identify possible opportunities and issues.’

Getting on board

Of course, that information becomes even more valuable when all franchisees use the same system. ‘We can help integrate our terminals with your existing POS system – we already link to almost 200 of the most popular packages,’ says Santosh. ‘Or if you have a custom solution, talk to us about how we can integrate that. Our job is to make life easy.’

And, says CK, Eftpos NZ is keen to help franchisees use the new systems. ‘We’ll handle the logistics, installation and training and, if they have problems later on, we provide ongoing support whenever they need it. That helps your own field support team concentrate on business building and operational issues, rather than technical stuff and logistics.

‘If you want to find out more about what Eftpos NZ can do to improve your business, contact us today. You’ll be amazed at what we can do together.’   

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