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by CrestClean

last updated 14/09/2023

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Going To The Next Level

by CrestClean

last updated 14/09/2023

CrestClean franchisees growing their businesses with specialist services

Pure Water Window Cleaning is one of the additional services that CrestClean franchisees can offer to increase their income

Specialist cleaning services are proving to be a lucrative ‘side-hustle’ for many CrestClean franchisees. CrestClean has invested heavily in training through the Master Cleaners Training Institute (MCTI). By offering additional services to existing and new clients, franchisees can upscale their businesses and increase their earnings considerably.

CrestClean offers all franchisees expert training in three services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Pure Water Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Earlier this year, MCTI appointed two new carpet cleaning trainers, Fiza Rahiman and Mohammed Ashad, who show CrestClean franchisees how to clean carpets using the latest portable hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines.

Nikeel Reddy - CrestClean
Nikeel Reddy

‘With a heightened awareness of health and hygiene in the workplace in recent years, we have seen a growing demand for carpet cleaning,’ says MCTI General Manager of Training Liezl Foxcroft. ‘We now have the capacity to train specialist carpet cleaners throughout New Zealand to meet this demand.’

Nikeel Reddy became a Carpet Cleaning Specialist at the end of last year. The Auckland West CrestClean franchisee soon found his services in high demand following the Auckland floods.

‘I bought the latest equipment and started carpet cleaning at the end of December,’ Nikeel explains. ‘We’ve been going non-stop ever since, and I’ve already paid my machine off – in fact, I’ve made double the cost.’

Eager to make the most of the opportunities the CrestClean training offers, he’s also a Hard Floor Care Specialist and is in the process of completing Pure Water Window Cleaning training.

Hard Floor Care

In North Harbour, six newly-graduated Hard Floor Care Specialists are looking forward to growing the turnover of their businesses.

‘It’s another specialist service that they can offer their customers, enhancing their business and their success,’ says North Harbour Regional Master Franchisee Neil Kumar.

‘Flooring is a valuable asset, and specialised care will maximise its longevity. The knowledge, skills and techniques they have gained sets them apart from the competition, and increases their earning potential.’

CrestClean has 12 Hard Floor trainers throughout New Zealand. Trainer Fiza Rahiman says becoming a Hard Floor Care Specialist is ‘a good title to earn. Customers are increasingly choosing more sustainable flooring options, such as bamboo and wood, which need special care. We hold a refresher course every year to ensure our Hard Floor Care specialists are kept up-to-date with the latest types of flooring and how they should be cared for.

‘Many franchisees who become Hard Floor Specialists clean schools which require floor polishing each term. It means they can earn extra income by looking after their schools’ hard floor care requirements.’

Pure Water Window Cleaning

For those franchisees who enjoy working outside, Pure Water Window Cleaning is a popular choice when it comes to upscaling their businesses.

The chemical-free technique uses high-tech water filtration to clean windows without spotting and streaking. An extendable, carbon fibre pole that can clean up to four storeys high is used, so lifting platforms and ladders aren’t needed. ‘It’s an economical and environmentally responsible way of providing what is an essential service for many businesses,’ says Liezl.

Huge opportunities

CrestClean has new franchise opportunities available throughout New Zealand, with supplied contracts, no selling or invoicing required, and regular payment. 

CrestClean training in progress
Steam Cleaning training
with Kavivannan Muganthan
and franchisee
Sri Gunasingam (right)

While the CrestClean franchise allows you to start small and grow big, many people don’t appreciate just how big that can be. Sri Gunasingam, who joined CrestClean part-time in 2008, now has 15 staff and a turnover of $800,000. A specialist in all three services, he also recently invested in a leading-edge dry steam cleaning machine, which uses high-temperature steam to clean and sanitise surfaces.

‘I offer it as an additional service to customers and recommend a deep steam clean for bathrooms at least every six months. It’s good for someone like me, who does a lot of extra cleaning,’ he says.

One of the advantages of being part of CrestClean is the access it gives to new technology like this. Liezl introduced Sri to the steam machine after seeing it at the International Sanitary Supply Association conference in Sydney.

‘Bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to chemicals and we need to be prepared for the future,’ says Liezl. ‘This machine does hospital-grade cleaning, keeping our clients’ staff and customers safe. It’s yet another area of huge potential for CrestClean franchisees.

‘By embracing new technology and upskilling in specialist services, CrestClean franchisees have the opportunity to achieve even greater success in their businesses, enabling them to stand out in the market and thrive in an evolving industry. Contact CrestClean now to find out more.’   

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