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by Paramount Services

last updated 14/09/2023

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Fast Growth, Outstanding Results

by Paramount Services

last updated 14/09/2023

Bin Yang and Mandy Xu’s success reflects Paramount’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

If you want to appreciate the true potential of a Paramount Services franchise, look no further than franchisee Bin Yang and his wife Kang (Mandy) Xu. To say their business growth has been ‘spectacular’ is no exaggeration.

Bin came to New Zealand from China in 2002 when he was aged just 19, and married Mandy in November 2012 – the same year they bought their Paramount franchise.

‘Back then, it was just the two of us and our first contract was to clean the offices of a paper supplier in Onehunga,’ recalls Bin. ‘We both still had day jobs and did the cleaning in the evenings.’ The couple worked hard and, within a year had turned their part-time business into a full-time one. They haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2023, and Bin and Mandy now own a large business with 22 full-time staff. With the assistance of Paramount’s support team, they have progressed to the management of multi-million-dollar commercial cleaning accounts. And they have achieved all this business growth while raising two young boys – 8-year-old Jayden and 6-year-old Mason.

Leading from the front

Paramount Services’ national accounts manager Rajan Patel has worked with Bin and Mandy for the past seven years and is understandably full of praise for the couple.

‘They always think outside the square and go beyond the call of duty when it comes to fulfilling customer expectation,’ he says. ‘Bin regularly visits clients to gain their feedback and further improve the level of service. He and Mandy have an excellent, highly motivated team and their standard of supervision is extremely high all the time.

‘They make sure their team have all the tools, resources, protocols and processes to perform their jobs correctly, and to the highest standard. Bin is happy to roll up his sleeves and get hands-on, and he’s also a great listener – responding positively to feedback from clients, staff and the Paramount franchise team rather than just reacting to it. They are totally reliable, love what they do, and produce outstanding results.’

And those results are getting better all the time, with Paramount’s account managers and support team assisting Bin and Mandy in the acquisition of new business across Auckland and, in particular, two very large commercial cleaning contracts with Ports of Auckland and plastics manufacturer Sistema.

Technology that works for you

Like many modern businesses, technology has had a major role to play in the success of Bin and Mandy’s business. A key contributor to the success of Paramount Services franchisees has been the real-time, multi-user software platform which clients can use to log job requests.

In addition, business process software helps franchisees design their own workflow as required and work in tandem with Paramount’s franchise account managers, such as Rajan.

‘Our in-house training modules help franchisees to deliver the tasks in the most efficient way,’ explains Rajan. ‘These cover such tasks as health and safety, as well as communication. It’s an advanced type of CRM (customer relationship management) and business process solution all in one,’ he adds.

‘At Paramount, it’s all about working smarter so your hard work delivers real profitability.’

Why choose Paramount?

Bin and Mandy’s story highlights the true potential of the Paramount opportunity, and how franchisees can use real commitment and hard work to change their lives, says Rajan.

‘Paramount Services has proven itself time and time again over 40-plus years, thanks to its rock-solid, innovative support systems and processes for franchisees covering everything from operations to account management.

‘We take all our franchisees on a journey of success. This is why we have such a strong process for onboarding new franchisees – all it requires is for you to bring the right attitude and personality. Combined with our system and support, it can achieve huge success for you.’

A wide range of options

While inflation and other headwinds are proving to be a challenge for the overall business community, it’s a known fact that the cleaning industry remains resilient.

‘For our franchisees it’s very much about delivering what our clients need,’ says Rajan. ‘Today, Paramount franchisees have increasingly diverse portfolios covering everything from banks to cinemas, shopping malls to food processing plants, education facilities … you name it and we probably clean it. It’s all due to the results that we’ve consistently delivered over all those years.’

He says a separate domestic house cleaning division set up by Paramount Services has been providing additional success stories in recent times, too. ‘Together, they give you the opportunity to start part-time and grow, and to work evenings or daytimes to fit around other commitments.

‘You can also offer specialist services such as in-house facility maintenance and cleaning, as well as roof and gutter cleaning, handyman jobs, painting, garden maintenance, window cleaning, building washes and pest control.

‘With all these options, there’s never been a better time to look at the award-winning Paramount franchise. Contact us today to find out more.’   

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