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last updated 14/09/2023

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by SlipSafe

last updated 14/09/2023

SlipSafe is a new opportunity with customers nationwide for anti-slip treatments and compliance testing

SlipSafe founder Jason Goldfinch (right) with NZ General Manager Michael Goldfinch

If you have the right experience, every problem is an opportunity – and that’s how SlipSafe New Zealand was created. Having launched the company in April 2022, Jason Goldfinch found huge demand for anti-slip services from all around the country. Now SlipSafe is looking for franchisees to help meet that demand, own their own business, and have the potential to earn themselves up to $200,000 in just their second year.

It all started with the concrete pavers outside Jason’s home. ‘When they got wet, they became dangerous to walk on,’ Jason explains. ‘My daughter had a slip and, although she managed to avoid a bad injury, I wanted to find something that would make them safer. But all the options available locally were minimal, or not very effective without totally changing the look and the feel of the pavers. I’ve been in flooring a long time, so I thought there just has to be a better solution.’

Jason found some international products sold in over 40 countries that weren’t available in New Zealand, contacted the manufacturers and was sent samples to try out. ‘They worked incredibly well on the pavers, and I started thinking about what a big health and safety issue slippery surfaces are – not just pavers but tiles, vinyl, acrylic shower bases, polished concrete, timber, laminate, etc.’

After putting a huge amount of effort into sourcing the best quality coatings and treatments from around the world, finding solutions for all surfaces and securing exclusive distribution rights, SlipSafe New Zealand was founded.

Hands-on approach

To gain a firm commercial understanding of the products and services required in the industry, Jason took a hands-on approach. He did everything himself initially from selling the complete service to the actual application of the products. He approached councils, universities, property managers, gyms and aged care facilities, as well as all sorts of companies and homeowners. ‘I was met with positivity and an element of relief, as we were able to solve slip issues that they had been trying to deal with for a long time.’

With the concept proven, Jason realised the opportunity for hard-working, motivated people to build their own local businesses, so he worked with the experienced team at Tereza Murray Franchising to create a low investment, high return franchise model.

How good is the opportunity? ‘How many slippery floors have you walked on, or how many accidents have you read about recently?’ asks Jason. ‘By becoming a SlipSafe franchisee with your own exclusive territory, you can be part of the solution.’

Solutions for any surface

Health and safety is an essential part of commercial property maintenance these days, ensuring a stable level of demand even in softer economic times. SlipSafe franchisees become qualified in slip testing – testing equipment is part of the franchise package – and that not only helps generate initial business but also creates the opportunity to build commercial relationships and repeat business.

‘Many organisations require 6- or 12-monthly testing to ensure compliance with health and safety standards,’ Jason explains. ‘Our products offer various warranty periods but extend up to 5 years when the cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed. The application process itself is pretty straightforward and full training is given to all franchisees.

‘What makes this franchise so attractive is the quality of the exclusive products and the size of the market opportunity. Age and gender don’t matter as long as you’re fit, hard-working and have the drive to build your own business. We’ll also teach you how to build local business contacts with training in sales technique, quoting, applications and testing.’

An investment of $92,000 +gst per licence includes tools and equipment, full training, induction and promotional material. In addition, franchisees will need a suitable ute which can be bought or leased.

Proven profitability

With proven demand, franchisees will have plenty of opportunity to grow. ‘In the larger areas, they may employ a few teams of applicators to generate fantastic profits, while the smaller regions are financially rewarding with single-van operations,’ says Jason.

SlipSafe is looking for people prepared to work hard to build a really profitable business producing great results. While remaining local, franchisees will also be leveraging a national company and brand offering quality products and service.

‘With the growth we’ve had since we established the company, we’re keen to find the right people to join the team. There are limited exclusive territories around the country and we have had an amazing level of interest already, so don’t delay. SlipSafe is a great opportunity, so enquire now and find out more.’   

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