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by Heritage Homes

last updated 22/06/2023

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Homes That Are Always In Style

by Heritage Homes

last updated 22/06/2023

Heritage Homes wants franchisees who care about relationships

Hayden Jones and John Mitchell

Classic New Zealand houses have a beauty and style all of their own but, as anyone who has ever lived in an old villa knows, they can also be draughty, damp and downright uncomfortable.

That’s where Heritage Homes comes in. The company uses sustainable technology to create modern homes to the latest specifications which retain the stunning look of classic, timeless designs. Founded by a third generation master builder – and now run by the fourth generation – Heritage Homes has built an enviable and award-winning reputation for quality over the last 20 years. Due to demand, the company is now looking for franchisees in prime locations throughout the country.

‘There are many housing companies doing new builds looking like the latest trend, but at Heritage Homes we specialise in something more personal and considered,’ says John Mitchell, whose father founded the company. ‘My grandfather was a master mason as well as a builder, my father and I started as carpenters – there’s a huge history of craftsmanship in the family. That’s what we reflect in Heritage Homes, combining traditional designs and technique with modern technologies.

‘Our clients aren’t generally first home buyers; they want something a bit different, and they are prepared to pay that little bit extra for it,’ John explains. ‘As a result, Heritage Homes has proved well able to weather the ups and downs that affect others in the building industry.’

Homes that builders love to build,  and owners love to own

Hayden Jones, the General Manager of Heritage Homes, says that the company offers a wide range of services. ‘We have a range of popular designs for villas, bungalows and cottages, and ancillary buildings too. We also offer custom builds uniquely designed with each client’s input and fully tailored to each family’s needs, and can offer house and land packages, too.

‘Our franchisees have access to all these designs and expertise, with management systems and software designed to help them produce homes that builders love to build, and owners love to own. We are recognised nationally with preferred suppliers, and leverage discounts and support to enhance profitability and supply.

‘After working with a few licensees around the country to gain experience, the franchise has been developed through the team at Tereza Murray Franchising to ensure that it really can deliver a profitable business model for franchisees. We are also members of FANZ.

‘The franchise will appeal to people who set and expect high standards of themselves and those they work with. You might have been second-in-command at a building company and be ready to do something for yourself, have industry experience or sales and marketing experience – this business is all about relationships.’

Franchisees not necessarily builders

Hayden says, ‘Our franchisees are not necessarily builders themselves: they put together a team to work on each project and are the first point of contact for everyone from client to contractors. The nature of our product means we work with quality craftsmen to do a quality job, with everything scheduled to keep everyone happy.

‘It’s especially well-suited to an ambitious couple who have the professional skills between them to manage multiple projects with all the personal contact, scheduling and administration that involves. And, of course, you’ll have the full support of the Heritage Homes team and system behind you. We’ll help you find the right people to work with, assist with the designs and technical side, manage bulk purchasing and provide quality assurance.

‘Because every Heritage Home is different, that quality assurance provides real peace of mind. In fact, John’s ambition is to visit as many Heritage Home builds as possible to ensure the owners are happy – imagine how good that would make them feel!’

Affordable for the right people

Hayden is keen to talk to people who are interested in building their own Heritage Homes business in most parts of New Zealand. ‘The total initial investment has been kept low, at around $50,000, which includes the exclusive territory fee, training, launch marketing and everything you need to get going,’ Hayden says.

‘Show homes are a key to sales. If you can fund one yourself, great – if not, we will work with you to find an investor in your area and negotiate discounts from other suppliers with you. That makes it a very affordable way to get into your own business.’

As John says, ‘Finding the right people is more important than finding people with the right money. We want like-minded people with high standards who are friendly, motivated and, above all, want to create homes that they can be truly proud of.

‘We are the only franchise combining traditional building designs and modern building techniques, so this is a rare opportunity to enter a highly profitable part of the home building market under the mentorship of industry leaders with decades of experience. We want to hear from you, so contact our broker, Nicola Bow, today and we’ll be happy to share more details of the Heritage Homes opportunity.’   

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