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by Rodney Wayne

last updated 30/03/2023

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The Wind Beneath Your Wings

by Rodney Wayne

last updated 30/03/2023

What makes Rodney Wayne the top franchise system in NZ? One reason is the outstanding support franchisees receive

Lynley Bowen, Rose Hibbert and CEO Julie Evans

Rodney Wayne is the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year for 2022 – and their franchisees know why. As the Black Ferns proved on the same night as the Awards, winning teams need winning coaches – and Rodney Wayne’s support team is there to help ensure that every salon performs to its absolute potential. Rodney Wayne 2022 Awards winners

Nobody understands this more than Lynley Bowen, one of the regional support managers. As a former salon manager and franchisee herself, she has a 30-year association with Rodney Wayne.

Lynley especially relishes her current role, which sees her providing advice to franchisees on everything from operations and recruitment to marketing and achieving business KPIs. She also helps train the whole salon team from manager to junior apprentice in new brand promotions and procedures.

‘There are special modules for managers; we train stylists in everything to do with hair and customer service; and we have a super apprentice programme,’ enthuses Lynley. ‘This job is vast, it’s varied, and I love it. Everything we do is to assist franchises in the success of their businesses, and things are developing all the time.’

Seeing both sides

Lynley knows the value of the support the Rodney Wayne team provides from her 10 years as a franchisee in Wellington. ‘Of course there were challenges, especially the economic recession after the GFC and the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, but with the help of Rodney Wayne’s fantastic support team, we came through fine.’

In more recent times, as regional support manager she has seen the challenges of Covid-induced disruptions from another perspective. ‘We kept all our franchisees and their teams close via Zoom meetings, used the opportunity to review plans and performance, carried out training and worked with L’Oréal to put together some fantastic education sessions for everyone, so we were all ready for the rush when the customers came back. Now we’re fired up for 2023 – which is going to be the best year yet.’

And who can doubt that the year will live up to its promise? Not content with taking out both the Supreme and Retail Hospitality titles (see the full Awards coverage here), Rodney Wayne also received the Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year – demonstrating the brand’s commitment to driving new business into franchisees’ salons.

On-demand support

Rose Hibbert, who is the support team’s marketing and e-commerce manager, remembers the power of the franchise during the initial 2020 lockdown. ‘During our first of many Zoom calls, CEO Julie Evans was leading the meeting and answering questions from the franchisees. Seeing that unfold made me feel grateful to be working within a group that has such a close bond, such honesty and could offer such a high level of support.’

Rose Hibbert has managed multiple Rodney Wayne salons, having first worked for the company’s retail brand, Shampoo ’n’ Things. Together, the franchise has over 50 salons and stores around the country. Her role covers team training and induction, data management of the salon software, and marketing the brand on a local and national level through multiple channels including social media, the website, the e-commerce store and email.

‘My vast experience of working across many levels within Rodney Wayne and Shampoo ’n’ Things allows me to offer on-demand support for our franchisees and team members. Our franchisees regularly say they couldn’t do what they do without the back-up of the team – no matter what the issue, there is always someone available to help.’

A team that understands

Julie Evans says that the combined experience of Rodney Wayne’s support team means that whenever a franchisee is challenged, there is the knowledge on tap to guide them through. ‘Many, like Lynley and Rose, have on-the-ground experience so they truly understand the issues that can arise in running a busy salon, and have the tools and experience to help overcome them.’

With 2023 in mind, a recent meeting for franchisees at Rodney Wayne’s Viaduct Auckland support office introduced some exciting initiatives, including a programme for recruiting talented team members as well as a refreshed apprentice programme to develop new talent.

‘It’s always a great time when we get together with our franchisees for these meetings,’ says Rose. ‘Everything is open for discussion. The past couple of years have laid the foundations for more growth and opportunities, with refreshed training systems that, combined with new developments in professional hair products, will allow our salons to be more productive and service more clients.’

Looking ahead

Rodney Wayne has new opportunities available in many areas.  Experience is not essential, as long as you have the personality  and business nous to run your own salon.

Rose says, ‘Looking ahead, retail business will continue  to grow – you can’t have your hair styled over the internet – and our award-winning Change the Story marketing  campaign is proving very effective. There are some very exciting new launches planned, and we believe more clients and customers than ever will discover what a difference professional haircare makes.

‘That’s why now is a fantastic time to invest in Rodney Wayne – officially the best franchise system in the country.’   

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