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by RE/MAX New Zealand

last updated 22/06/2022

Once In A Lifetime

by RE/MAX New Zealand

last updated 22/06/2022

The world’s largest real estate franchise, RE/MAX is looking for entrepreneurial leaders

The RE/MAX New Zealand team

When you’re offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you have to go for it or you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering if you should have. That’s why Don Ha took up the master franchise for RE/MAX in New Zealand – now he’s offering an opportunity to others.

‘Do you know, the average RE/MAX real estate salesperson earns 41 percent more than the industry average? That’s because they are better trained, better equipped, and have more back-up to help them achieve results,’ says Don.

‘RE/MAX is the world’s largest real estate company, which means our agents have access to cutting-edge tools to help them succeed. There are 400 people in the company’s head office in Denver who are constantly developing templates to help agents get properties on the market faster, better and cheaper. With those, you can produce a video in 10 minutes rather than a week or more.

‘And because RE/MAX is still growing in New Zealand, we have opportunities for franchisees to open new offices in many regional centres, including areas of Auckland. The current market offers many opportunities: we can do things differently from the current players and be disruptors, and the figures show that we’re already achieving that. We’ve opened 15 new offices in the last 12 months alone.’

Learn from the best 

Don Ha of RE/MAX New Zealand
Don Ha: Do you want to achieve and do better?

Don was in real estate for many years before joining the franchise. ‘You can only achieve so much on your own, and RE/MAX could give me access to the world,’ he says. ‘I was a franchisee for two years, then they offered me the master franchise. It was a game-changing moment – now I am using my experience to provide leadership, employment and wealth-creating opportunities for others.’

He’s also able to draw upon a lot of experience to help new franchisees succeed. ‘Having lived through the Global Financial Crisis, I learned the lessons and know the value of the strong support and sound structures that RE/MAX provides.’

Full training for newcomers

So what is he looking for in potential franchisees? Surprisingly, Don says, ‘You don’t necessarily need a real estate background, though that can help. But you do need to understand marketing and selling, and you do need a real hunger to succeed. Above all, you must have a talent for hiring the right people to open your own office. 

‘New franchisees start with a team of 4-6 staff and have around 20 once established. That means you need to be a leader and a motivator with the ability to help others achieve results. Everything is provided for you, including training, marketing templates, CRM systems and employment contracts. There’s full initial and ongoing training for you and your staff and, of course, systems and support from local experts as well as the biggest real estate franchise in the world. RE/MAX provides more training than any other brand out there.’

At the same time, Don is keen to build a real family feel within the franchise. ‘If we have 100 franchised offices and 2,000 staff, we want to help all of them achieve their true potential. We also want to care for every one of them as people. Recently, the son of one of our agents was diagnosed with cancer and the franchise quickly raised $25,000 to help them. That’s the style of business I want as a legacy.’

The cost of opening a new RE/MAX office varies according to location, fit-out and equipment. New franchisees should expect to have some cash equity available.

‘But it’s not about the money – it’s about finding the right candidates,’ says Don. ‘If, like me, you always want to achieve and do better, I want to hear from you. This may be the opportunity of your lifetime. Contact us today to find out more.’  

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