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by Rodney Wayne

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Rodney Wayne franchisee shows how to be successful in life and business

When you invest in a Rodney Wayne franchise, you never walk alone. Ashley Sterrenburg is living proof of that, and very  glad of it, too. 

Ashley Sterrenburg, Rodney Wayne franchisee
Ashley Sterrenburg: 'I'm not in this alone'

Ashley is solo mum to three young children, and owns two businesses: her busy Rodney Wayne salon in the Tauranga suburb of Bethlehem, and a Shampoo’n’Things retail store. It goes without saying that life is a constant juggling act, but she simply wouldn’t have it any other way. She doesn’t think that balancing her responsibilities as a mother and a business owner is unusual. ‘It’s something that all working mums and dads have to do, isn’t it?’ 

Ashley’s career in hairdressing spans 21 years. Before moving to Tauranga eight years ago, she had already managed a Rodney Wayne salon in Auckland, and in two consecutive years was Runner-up Manager of the Year and then Manager of the Year.

After taking maternity leave, she worked at the Bethlehem salon part-time before progressing into full-time management. Today she co-owns the salon with her previous employer. 

Encouraged and reassured

‘It’s always been a goal of mine to own my own business and to take over the world, so my friends and family weren’t surprised when I told them I was buying the salon. They were all really supportive, and many help out by being models for my apprentices to train on.

‘The whole process of purchasing the Bethlehem franchise was just so easy as I had a lot of assistance from the Rodney Wayne support office, as well as the previous owners and my old employer in Auckland,’ she recalls. ‘Being familiar with all the Rodney Wayne systems made it easier, and I found the support team really encouraging. Julie Evans, the CEO, and I had quite a few personal conversations around my vision for the salon and the brand, and it was reassuring to know that if I ever needed anything then she would be simply a phone call away.’

The salon went so well that, three years ago, she also opened a Shampoo’n’Things store in Tauranga Crossing Mall. Shampoo’n’Things is a retail brand also developed by Rodney Wayne. ‘Now I have two great teams led by two amazing managers and I’m able to work around the kids’ school hours,’ says Ashley. ‘My kids have spent so much time at the salon that they’re considered part of the team, too!’

I’m not in this alone

A major feature of the Rodney Wayne franchise is its focus on support and education, which Ashley describes as ‘huge. It was particularly noticeable through all the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – if anything, the level of training actually accelerated during those difficult lockdown months, and it was great to have someone there to explain exactly what was required under the different alert levels, and to develop procedures and systems for keeping everybody safe.

‘It was an extension of the support we receive on a regular basis. Having someone take the time to source and explain information on such things as employment relations, government regulations and industry training, makes running a business a lot less stressful. 

‘The Rodney Wayne support office also puts a huge amount of time and energy into professional education for our team and marketing for the brand. I try to do a lot myself, too, and knowing that I have someone else that I can talk to and bounce ideas off means I’m not in this alone.’

The rewards are amazing

Six years in, Ashley’s ongoing enthusiasm speaks volumes about how much she believes in Rodney Wayne. 

‘I know I am fortunate to have worked with the brand for close to 15 years, starting as a stylist while I studied business. But I have to say that working with their systems is a no-brainer. They are so thorough and comprehensive that once you get in there amongst it, you can see why even franchisees with no previous salon experience can do so well. There’s support for people at every level – not just the operational side but covering goal setting, performance management, training, incentives, career advancement, and so much more. 

‘It has absolutely exceeded my expectations. With Rodney Wayne it genuinely feels like the opportunities are endless, so my advice to anyone looking to get into the franchise is to fully immerse yourself as quickly as you can. Get amongst it, talk to franchisees, and learn as much as you can, not just about your business but also about the incredible industry it belongs to. 

‘Don’t be afraid to take the leap – because the rewards are amazing.’

Own your own salon

Rodney Wayne has over 50 salons and Shampoo’n’Things shops around the country, with new opportunities available in many areas. ‘Several of our franchisees own multiple outlets, which reflects their satisfaction with the returns they can achieve,’ says Julie Evans.

‘Salon experience is not essential, so if you want to benefit from our commitment to excellence, and have the personality and business nous to run your own salon, contact me.’   

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