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last updated 22/06/2022

Building Confidence In Kids

by NumberWorks'nWords

last updated 22/06/2022

NumberWorks’nWords franchisees help children develop their skills

When Ranjeeta and Amitesh Sharma (above) were students, they both had the experience of tutoring the younger generation – and loved it. Now they’ve turned their memories into their future as owners of their own NumberWorks’nWords franchise.

Both from Fiji and now settled in Henderson, this enterprising couple bought the local franchise in early 2021. ‘I’m a science graduate and spent 13 years working in various research and food testing labs,’ says Ranjeeta. ‘Amitesh is a computer science graduate and has worked as a software engineer for the last 15 years. 

‘We have two children aged 8 and 10 and we’ve spent a lot of time teaching them at home – that’s given us some valuable experience, and the motivation to help others learn, too. It’s very fulfilling getting children to understand things they had previously struggled with. We love tutoring, and the parents are always so grateful.’

When the couple decided the time had come to invest in a business, they knew they wanted to be in the educational sector and contribute to the community. ‘We investigated a day care centre, but it didn’t fit with our values and what we wanted in a business,’ recalls Amitesh. ‘We spent two or three years looking for a suitable opportunity before we came across NumberWorks’nWords. After meeting with CEO Sarah Simons, we both felt this was a franchise that would support us in the way we needed.’ 

A history of success

Founded in New Zealand in 1984, NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centres deliver after-school maths and English extension and remediation lessons. With a strong record of delivering excellent results both for students and franchisees, the company has expanded to Australia and the UK. Franchisees run local centres, employing tutors (often university students) with a ratio of not more than four pupils to one teacher.

‘We assist both parents and children by identifying the child’s weaknesses in the core subjects,’ says Ranjeeta. ‘Based on our assessments, we build an individual lesson plan for each child. We’ve found that often the weaknesses are quite specific – for example, they might not have an overall inability with maths but just struggle with one element or another, such as subtraction or division. Equally, we’ve found some pupils are very good at writing, but their spelling is poor. Establishing each child’s needs as early as possible is our top priority, then the NumberWorks’nWords programmes and tutoring help them gain the skills and confidence to improve.’

As the Sharmas have shown, you don’t need a teaching background to be a NumberWorks’nWords franchisee, but it’s important to have an interest in education and a passion for helping people and making a difference. It’s also worth noting that the disruptions caused by Covid have been no impediment to their success, as the franchise’s online resources enabled franchisees to go on delivering to students during this time.

Demand for more centres all over NZ

‘Over the years, NumberWorks’nWords has proven that our tutoring and programmes aligned to the New Zealand curriculum can produce rapid and excellent results,’ says Sarah Simons. ‘As Ranjeeta and Amitesh have shown, we really do make a positive difference to children’s futures. We are looking to open new centres throughout Auckland and New Zealand to cope with the demand for our services. The investment of around $100,000 +gst includes teaching and business software, furniture, fitting out premises and computers, together with an exclusive territory. 

‘New franchisees receive extensive training in everything from business management to programme delivery, with assistance in tutor recruitment and opening marketing,’ Sarah continues. ‘There’s individual support, ongoing training, workshops, e-learning modules and a library of resources. To find out more, give us a call.’

For the Sharma family, buying a NumberWorks’nWords franchise has been a fulfilling success. ‘Apart from providing us with a very good business, we also find it a great joy to work with kids,’ says Ranjeeta. ‘You need patience and passion, and the ability to communicate clearly with both parents and children. 

‘If you have those qualities – and can apply the franchise system – then this is a very attractive business.’   

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