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by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 31/03/2022

V.I.P. Home Services is not just a profitable business opportunity – it’s a supportive family

Susan Vickery with faithful companions Ellie (left) and Max (right)

'I started with $900 per week of regular work and I am now doing more than three times that – $11,000 to $12,000 a month, which includes regular customers and one-off jobs.’

That’s what Susan Vickery says about her V.I.P. Home Services franchise – and, for her, it’s not even the best thing about the business. ‘I don’t think I could have joined a better family than the V.I.P. franchise,’ says Susan, with complete conviction. ‘In fact, I wish I’d joined V.I.P. much earlier.’

Susan started life as a horticulturist, but reckons she’s had ‘at least eleven careers – chef, bus driver and author to name but a few! I was never really happy working for someone else and, even when I was a tramping guide, I always felt I was there for the adventure of others, not for me. After my last job, I just decided I wanted to have my own business. Finding the confidence and overcoming the fear of failure was hard, but then I realised that by buying into a franchise like V.I.P. I would have clients from day one.’

V.I.P. Home Services offers two different types of franchise: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or indoor (all types of cleaning). ‘You choose the level you start at and enjoy the security of a customer base and an income guarantee while you are getting established,’ says Estelle Logan who, with her husband John, is the company’s national franchisor for New Zealand.

Seize the moment

Three years ago, Susan seized her moment, contacted V.I.P. about an outdoor franchise and found the process ‘simply flowed. I didn’t know a thing about franchising, but I began to realise just how much value it offered. Yes, I could perhaps have set up on my own, but without clients, marketing, training, and no support to help me learn and grow. With V.I.P, all that is covered in our fees, and it is very good value. For example, if someone does a Google search for “lawns Waiuku”, we’re top of the list without me having to do a thing.’

She admits she was nervous before she signed up with V.I.P. but, as she says, ‘I’m a firm believer in “just doing it.” I reckon if I’m shown something once, I can do it, and help would always be available if I needed it. Even so, my first year in business was a bit scary. I had to cope with feelings of rejection when I lost a client, even if it was because a house had been sold, but looking back, on the occasions that happened I usually got two more replacements the next day. Think abundance and trust the power of the V.I.P. brand – I reckon if I can do it, anyone can!’

Support when it mattered

Then, just over a year ago, Susan needed that help after all. ‘My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which put me under enormous pressure. I needed to look after him, but I also needed to have a business to come back to, so it was going to be a terrible juggling act. In stepped the wonderful V.I.P. One of their team helped me with my rounds on several days so I could get home to my husband sooner; John and Estelle visited me several times to check how I was doing and everyone in the franchise was there to help me any way they could, to enable me to keep my business running.

‘Sadly, my husband died only four months after diagnosis but my business is intact, and it certainly wouldn’t have been without my wonderful V.I.P. family. I still had to learn a lot, as my hubby used to sharpen my blades and help change the mower oil when required, but by becoming more independent it empowers you to feel the fear and do it anyway.

‘I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved in nearly three years. I’m always getting approached by people to do extra lawns and gardening, especially older people as they become less able to work in their gardens but still take great pride in them. That brings me a lot of satisfaction – just like having my own business after all these years. I am so glad I found V.I.P.’

Putting people first

Estelle Logan says, ‘We have always thought of V.I.P. as a family business, and we were glad to be there for Susan when she needed help. Life throws up challenges from time to time and in our 27 years at V.I.P. we’ve seen numerous cases of franchisees who have faced issues and have been immediately supported by colleagues. It’s about putting people first – for someone like Susan facing a personal tragedy, we always try to do everything we can.

‘Seeing Susan with such a successful business after such turmoil in her life is a joy to us and a validation of the tried and trusted V.I.P. system.

‘V.I.P. has indoor and outdoor franchise opportunities available in many parts of the country right now, with a varied range of investment opportunities.

‘Give us a call and join the family.’   

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