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by High Performance Training & Coaching Ltd

last updated 31/03/2022

Attitude Determines Altitude

by High Performance Training & Coaching Ltd

last updated 31/03/2022

High Performance Training  & Coaching franchisees change lives and transform businesses

One of the many businesses helped by High Performance: could you help people too?

It’s safe to say that a High Performance Training & Coaching franchise is not an opportunity for everyone. ‘It’s not just about “making sales” – it requires ambition, attitude, and a real desire to help others succeed too,’ explain High Performance founders Frikkie and Pao Le Roux.

‘Yes, sales or business experience are valuable, but the number one attribute we look for is attitude. We can teach you to use our systems, but we want to partner with people who can identify an opportunity in business. Because if you can’t do that, how will you see the opportunities for your clients?

‘Our franchise works incredibly well for those who are willing to apply what we teach and have a hunger to succeed. For most High Performance franchisees, by the time they’re getting into their third month, they’re already making a profit – and growth comes quickly after that.’

Impressive results

Franchisees are achieving impressive results for their clients, too. One client in the hospitality sector was experiencing poor foot traffic and sales due to the pandemic, which led to stress and deteriorating team dynamics. But through focusing on sales, teamwork and communication, the situation quickly improved, Frikkie reports.

‘Using the High Performance system, we were able to help that client increase sales by 60 percent, as well as increase both average customer spending and the number of customers by 14 percent. They went from survival mode to true profitability in a few short months.’

Easy online support

High Performance is a unique and highly successful coaching and training franchise. It is a system fine-tuned through Frikkie’s 23 years in the coaching sector to assist franchisees and their clients improve bottom-line performances beyond their expectation.

Once set up, all systems developed for High Performance franchisees and their customers can be delivered online. The High Performance portal tracks and evaluates individual clients’ activities, based on proven KPIs for each particular sector – think average spend, customer numbers, turnover and costs.

‘That helps coaches and their clients stay connected in a highly-productive way, but has been a positive advantage during the pandemic, which forced many people to work remotely,’ Frikkie explains. ‘In fact, Covid has forced many more businesses to seek assistance, which has kept us incredibly busy and seen the development of new programmes for personal goals and business performance.

‘With so much training and education for clients delivered online, franchisees can make very efficient use of their time and maximise returns from a home-based business.’

Support at all levels

‘We now have 14 tailor-made programmes which allow our franchisees to service any client at any level, from corporate clients such as car manufacturers and real estate companies to small businesses and individual cafés,’ says Frikkie. ‘We know many businesses that would have closed down during the pandemic had they not received our support.

‘But don’t just take our word for it – look at our website and listen to what our franchisees and clients have to say.’

High Performance franchisees have also made a difference by assisting businesses through the MBIE Regional Business Partner Programme, in which qualifying clients can receive up to 50 percent funding for growth initiatives. High Performance is also a registered service provider for Activate Tāmaki Makaurau and to date they’ve assisted more than 170 business through fully-funded advice and implementation, which is enormously satisfying for Frikkie, Pao and the team.

Exciting returns

With businesses of all kinds facing new and different challenges in the year ahead, Frikkie believes that 2022 offers even more potential for franchisees. ‘High Performance’s range of targeted training programmes relate directly to the market and situation we’re in right now, covering subjects such as strategy, business continuity, digital marketing, finance and cashflow.

“Last year, post lockdown, one of our new franchisees sold 20 training programmes in her first month. That’s an income of approximately $90,000. Another franchisee welcomed 22 new clients on board within just two months – that’s a lot of revenue generated in a very short time.’

Supported to grow

It’s important to realise that, after a start like that, High Performance franchisees can grow as large as they like. There are two levels of initial investment, $30,000 and $60,000, including all the support systems, tools, training and marketing to get you started. There are no geographical boundaries and franchisees do not have to make sales or deliver programmes themselves – they can take on up to four staff, either for coaching or sales generation.

‘This allows franchisees to focus on business performance, and we provide a high level of ongoing support to help them achieve the same great results as their clients,’ Frikkie promises. ‘There’s a family feeling in the franchise and, with coaching programmes available in English, Mandarin and Thai, the opportunity appeals to franchisees and clients across a number of communities.’

Frikkie concludes, ‘If you have confidence in yourself, an interest in businesses of all kinds and the type of attitude we’re looking for, then joining the High Performance franchise can take you to the top. We deliver outstanding results for our franchisees and clients alike. Contact me today to find out more.’   

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