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last updated 30/03/2022

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by Hudsons

last updated 30/03/2022

Invest now and  reap the benefits, suggests Hudsons

Khushboo Badiyani: 'Talk to Hudsons first'

They say there’s a time and a place for everything – and Khushboo Badiyani says the time to buy a café franchise is right now. ‘But not just any franchise – in a world of “me-too” offerings, Hudsons stands out like a beacon,’ she says.

Khushboo is the master franchisee for Hudsons in New Zealand. The high-performing international café brand has yet to reach its potential within New Zealand, thanks to Covid-19 constraints on the retail and hospitality sectors over the past two years.

‘But with the pandemic moving into its final act, all that’s about to change,’ she says. ‘We have two established cafés in Queensgate shopping centre in Lower Hutt and Coastlands at Kapiti which have performed well and proven the demand for Hudsons here, and over the next 12 months franchise opportunities will become increasingly available.

‘There’s no doubt that cafés will continue to be a key part of Kiwi culture, and real estate is more available and affordable than ever. And while many established cafés have struggled in the trading conditions of the last two years, new franchisees will have the advantage of a fresh start. It’s a case of invest now and reap the benefits over coming years.

‘We’re surveying the market closely, particularly in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, to secure sites in the second half of 2022 and have cafés up and running in several parts of the country in 2023/24. For investors, now is a good time to join us and get familiar with the franchise’s training, development and support programmes. These allow you to personalise your café according to local taste, region and experience.’

Strong performer

Khushboo says there are three main reasons why Hudsons has performed so strongly.

‘The first is the cooperation and support of the café teams. We encouraged open conversations with each team member, and they’ve done everything required of them to meet the Covid requirements while still providing the service and quality our customers have come to expect.

‘The second is our supportive and loyal customers who keep coming back to enjoy the Hudsons difference. Feedback is highly positive, particularly around the coffee beans, décor and food. Our coffee blends include a Premium blend, Barista’s Choice and a Single-Origin Peruvian blend with flavour notes of dark chocolate, and we offer freshly-made, healthy and convenient food – things like croissants and wraps, plant-based sandwich options, protein pots and fresh fruit pots. There’s also a selection of sweets such as muffins, tarts and slices.

‘The third reason for our success is our continued investment in marketing. We never cut back, never stopped bringing something new and fresh to our offering to reward our customers and get through the restrictions.’

And with the support of the Emirates Leisure Retail group, the owners of Hudsons, franchisees can have confidence in the international buying power and backing of a big company, too.

A fresh perspective

When Mahendernath Chivukula (Mahi) took up the manager’s role at Hudsons Queensgate, he brought with him more than seven years’ experience in the hospitality industry both in New Zealand and overseas. He was immediately impressed by the systems and checklists at Hudsons, designed to maintain the brand’s high standards and exceed customer expectations. ‘The focus is on knowledge sharing,’ he says. ‘Everyone puts their heart and soul into each cup of coffee and every customer interaction.’

Mahi loves the positivity at Hudsons – in particular, the local marketing and customer participation. Hudsons at Queensgate has been very active in the local community through programmes such as Life Trust Education, Super Saturdays, the Sweet As Hot Chocolate Challenge and more recent Cool As Challenge, as well as various loyalty and discount programmes designed to create further brand and product awareness.

‘And because the Hudsons brand already has a strong presence in Australia, the re-opening of New Zealand’s borders can only be good for sales here, too.’

Tarnjeet Singh (Tarn), the manager of the Hudsons Coastlands, is also looking forward to the future, with plans to invest in his own Hudsons franchise one day. ‘I’ve learnt so much more during my time here compared to previous jobs – the franchise is all about professionalism and efficiency.’

Experience not necessary

A Hudsons franchise requires an investment of $300,000 to $500,000, depending on location. This includes high-quality fit-out, all equipment and extensive online and onsite training which covers everything from coffee beans, coffee making, food menus and food safety to product procurement, point-of-sale training, hiring and managing staff.

‘Previous experience in hospitality is helpful, but it’s more important that franchise candidates have the right personality and attitude,’ says Khushboo. ‘You simply need to be passionate about coffee, have a good work ethic and excellent people skills. That’s because you’ll be interacting with customers a lot of the time.’

Khushboo is confident that there’s a bright future ahead for new franchisees. ‘We’ve proved it through the worst of times, now let’s enjoy the future.

‘If you’re considering a café franchise, talk to Hudsons first – we have a great brand, great products and, best of all, we have all the best sites still available for new franchisees.’   

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