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by Compass Homes

last updated 31/03/2022

Keeping On Course

by Compass Homes

last updated 31/03/2022

Compass Homes keeps franchisees busy with careful planning and well-tried systems

Daniel Sterling

When we talked to Daniel Sterling a year ago, the Compass Homes franchisee for Whangarei famously said, ‘I’ve found I didn’t buy a business – I bought a set of instructions in how to be successful!’

Twelve months on, he’s happier than ever with his choice.

‘This last year has been a nightmare for the construction industry in general, so thank goodness I bought into Compass Homes. What the franchise has done for my business has just been huge, and as a result I’m looking forward to a great year next year!’

Daniel had worked for a small local building company before joining Compass, so he knew how difficult it is to try and go it alone. ‘But a great franchise has the buying power, the systems and experience to overcome problems. Through all the setbacks of Covid, what we needed to do was clear as we were told where product was, what was happening with it, and what we needed to do in terms of pricing. All that support meant we could just get on with construction.

Follow the plan

So how did Compass Homes manage to ensure their franchisees were able to keep working? ‘It was down to constant clear communication,’ says Daniel. ‘They stayed on top of things because their system is designed to predict increased prices and shortages. It meant that we had liveable solutions throughout, as we were always kept ahead of the game and informed in advance of any shortages or price increases – and this was true right through the supply chain.

‘We knew there was a plan and the guidance from the team kept us on the straight and narrow and focused on what we should be doing. It was very efficient, and the value of the franchise was demonstrated again and again as we watched some of our competitors cease work as supplies dried up while we were able to continue.

‘For example, there was a shortage of gib board which we were warned about well in advance by the franchisor. When I went into one of our suppliers to collect some frames and trusses, I was told by a staff member there was no point in worrying about them as there was no gib board anyway. But the manager intervened to say, “Well, actually Compass were the only ones to order gib in advance!” so we were able to carry on – and keep our clients happy.’

Use your management experience

Compass Homes was founded 20 years ago and has always sought to achieve significant cost savings for clients without compromising on quality. ‘By value-engineering design, and positioning for the sun to provide savings on heating bills, we can keep costs down and deliver genuine value,’ says CEO Bronwyn Bindon. ‘We also have the ability to build to any budget from first home to high end, so we can always adapt to the market, while our online project management program enables franchisees to manage timelines and provide automatic updates to customers so there are never any nasty surprises.’

With ten franchisees already established, Compass Homes is looking for more in many parts of the country. ‘This is a great opportunity for a franchise fee of just $50,000 +gst,’ says Bronwyn. ‘Daniel and our other franchisees have all demonstrated how well our systems work under adversity, allowing them to get on with their jobs and build houses, so if you have good management experience then we’d love to hear from you.’

Everything I had hoped for

Daniel says that the combination of his management experience with the Compass Homes franchise has certainly paid off for him. ‘When I started in 2019, I immediately hit the building boom and without Compass to guide me through, it would have been near-impossible. All the training was first class and the systems were everything I had hoped for. But what I didn’t expect was the level of personal support I have had. Whenever I have picked up the phone, there has always been reassurance at the other end.

‘If you want a good business, Compass Homes represents a fantastic opportunity as their systems, support and constant education will always keep you on track. By following those, I’ve not gone wrong yet!’   

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