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by SmartGrass

last updated 31/03/2022

The Grass Is Greener

by SmartGrass

last updated 31/03/2022

SmartGrass is an exciting business opportunity that generates profits from day one

For five years, Christchurch-born SmartGrass has been supplying and installing artificial grass lawns and sports courts throughout New Zealand. Thanks to a buoyant development market, and an increasing demand for professional turf installation services, this is an industry that is now enjoying unprecedented growth.

It’s also a franchise opportunity ripe for the picking. ‘The timing simply couldn’t be better for new franchisees,’ says Jack Kennedy, the company’s managing director. ‘SmartGrass is a brand that’s already well-established, yet it’s still early in the product lifecycle so there is massive growth potential going into 2022 – and beyond.

‘SmartGrass is the only franchise in New Zealand that specialises in the installation of artificial grass,’ Jack points out. ‘Artificial turf that looks as authentic as SmartGrass is becoming increasingly popular with councils, local government agencies, builders, developers and sports clubs looking to keep their courts in pristine condition.

‘In addition, urban townhouse dwellers and property owners spending more time at home are also prepared to invest more in property improvements. It’s a big trend overseas that is now fast gathering momentum here in New Zealand.

‘Ours is the best product in the country, but it must be laid properly if it’s to look good and perform well – and that’s where the SmartGrass training and systems really pay off. We supply Earth Series artificial grass, which not only looks more realistic than competing products in the market – it drains five times faster, is three times stronger, lasts longer, and is 100 percent locally recyclable right here in New Zealand. It’s the option of choice for discerning clients, and it’s exclusive to SmartGrass franchisees.

‘All of these factors add up to offer big rewards for those ready to move now.’

Sales and management opportunity

‘Don’t be put off if you have zero experience in general landscaping or laying either ordinary grass or artificial grass,’ says Jack. ‘We’ll provide all the training you need to get you off to a flying start and produce the best results, and you won’t spend much time on the tools yourself, anyway. You’ll be managing your business, coordinating the installation teams and seeking out clients.

‘You could be a sales or business-oriented person skilled at turning leads into orders; someone who is both highly motivated and well-connected in the community. Or perhaps you’re excited at the prospect of partnering with a well-respected brand and helping to transform landscapes as well as sports and recreation facilities.

‘Whatever your background, this is an opportunity that requires your full attention. If you have an ability to solve problems and the ability to manage a team, then this business is for you.’

Excellent returns

Experience shows that SmartGrass franchisees who follow the system can expect to achieve a substantial return on their $200,000 +gst investment, which includes the cost of a suitable vehicle and all the required machinery, as well as an exclusive territory. Finance options are available through Westpac.

With a diversified client base and high margin, low volume projects that take just two to three days to complete, SmartGrass offers a very appealing business model. ‘Six-figure profits can be generated in the first year, and franchisees will be able to scale this significantly after two years,’ says Jack.

‘The key is our three-pronged revenue channel. This comprises a margin on supplied product, the installation fee, and regular maintenance which delivers an ongoing income stream. Low overheads also contribute to a generous return – for example, there are no leased premises, and very little money tied up in stock.’

And there’s no shortage of business. The SmartGrass franchise package delivers ongoing lead generation, commercial client relationship management as well as local and national marketing campaigns. Social media, website and video content is created and handled for you, along with national business development, sales and trade exhibitions.

‘Every week, we get hundreds of enquiries from all over New Zealand via the SmartGrass website and 0800 number,’ says Jack. ‘Leads are also generated through the SmartGrass business sales team, which maintains solid relationships with the Ministry of Education and large housing development companies. The demand is there – what we need is the national network of franchisees to turn leads into sales and deliver the best possible service to their clients.’

Anywhere in New Zealand

It doesn’t matter where you are currently based in New Zealand, a SmartGrass franchise can be yours to own and grow. ‘We have operations already well-established in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, and more opportunities available in all of those areas, except Christchurch. We’re also looking for franchisees in other regional centres around the country,’ Jack offers.

‘We have so much demand, so much business coming in, and customer feedback has been so positive that we know there is a bright future ahead for those who jump on board now.

‘If you’re ready to get started, get in touch and we’ll send you full disclosure documentation for you to review with your advisors. Should you be granted a franchise, we’ll then arrange launch marketing in your area while you are being trained.

‘It means your new business will be up and running, and making money, in next to no time. Call me now to find out more.’   

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