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A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchisee only wishes he had started sooner

John Potgieter: reaping the rewards

At 60, John Potgieter has no plans to retire or sell the profitable franchise he has owned for seven years – although he might employ a manager one day. ‘With A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, I can maintain my involvement, earn a good income and keep interacting with people,’ explains John. ‘I’ve made so many great friends through this business – the truth is, I wish I had bought it sooner!’   

John, his wife Jennie and son Brendan, emigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago. Settling in Auckland, John worked in print management until a good friend encouraged him to think seriously about being his own boss as A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchisee. After carrying out his own pre-purchase inspection on the business model, he was convinced.

Quality service

Established in Canada in 2005, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections operates in 19 countries, coming to New Zealand in 2013. ‘With the number of building problems having hit the headlines over the years, and homes becoming ever more expensive, the demand for pre-purchase inspections is growing all the time,’ says John Goodrum, the regional master franchisor. ‘You just can’t afford to buy a lemon.’

Yet New Zealand has no legislation requiring building inspectors to be qualified. That’s why A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchisees train to the same high standard as certified inspectors operating in Canada and the US. ‘Once they’ve passed key exams, the franchisee is qualified to carry out comprehensive inspections meeting NZS4306:2005 (Residential Property Inspection),’ says John. ‘In addition, they carry indemnity insurance underwritten by Lloyds. This protects both the franchisee and the buyer should something need fixing that wasn’t in an inspection report.

‘It sets a very high standard that has seen our reputation grow and grow.’

Multiple income streams

That growth is boosted by the multiple income streams which each franchisee enjoys. These include:  

•             Pre-sale inspections;

•             Pre-purchase inspections;

•             Renovation deficiency inspections, to lessen the risk of suspect materials and workmanship;

•             Home maintenance inspections, for homeowners taking a proactive approach to identifying areas needing attention;

•             New home warranty services, to identify any problems before a new home warranty expires;

•             Methamphetamine (Meth/P) testing;

•             Asbestos testing;

•             Healthy Home safe and sanitary testing.

‘As a franchisee, you don’t need to be a builder,’ says John. ‘You’ll have specialist equipment to check power outlets, moisture levels and all matters related to dwellings. We’ll train you to know what to look for and identify the issues, but you can leave fixing them to builders, plumbers or electricians.’

Reap the rewards

John Potgieter was impressed from the start with the franchise’s commitment to initial and ongoing training. ‘That was a compelling benefit for me – you know what you’re doing and you’re always learning something new,’ he smiles. ‘And A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections also provides leading testing technologies and report generation software which make it easy to deliver really thorough and professional reports.

‘New franchisees start with a week of intensive in-house training and then on-the-job work experience in their own territory. Having someone there to help kick-start the business is a great help, but it’s up to you to keep up the momentum. You need to be a people person and not shy about selling the benefits of what you do.

‘In my first two years, most of my clients came from recommendations by real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lending institutions, insurance companies or happy clients. When we decided to relocate to Hawkes Bay to be closer to Jennie’s parents, with the franchise’s approval we took the business with us and started again.

‘The real estate agent we bought our house through suggested I address their agency’s monthly meeting. I didn’t need to be told twice: I put myself in front of 48 real estate agents and walked away with my first three inspections and a list of hot prospects. I haven’t looked back since, and I still put time and effort into building and maintaining a rapport with contacts, including many who are now great friends.’

Low entry, high return opportunity

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is a low-entry, high-return franchise opportunity regardless of career, background or age. New territories are available throughout the country from $38,500-$72,500 +gst, with potential to earn a six-figure income of $100,000-plus once established.

‘This is a work-from-home franchise where if you put in the hard yards, you will reap the rewards,’ confirms franchisee John Potgieter. ‘I value being able to set my own prices and currently work on an average 10 to 12 jobs a week. And having a supportive partner like I do is a huge help, especially with administration.’

John Goodrum concludes, ‘This is a chance to fulfil your dreams of self-employment, job security and financial gain with one of the world’s best property franchises. Stake your claim by getting in touch with me now.’   

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