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by Rodney Wayne

last updated 09/12/2021

Taking It From The Top

by Rodney Wayne

last updated 09/12/2021

Thorough training helps Rodney Wayne franchisees retain both team members and clients

When times get tough for businesses and brands, it’s inevitable that one of the first casualties can be investment in team training. Julie Evans, CEO of Rodney Wayne, is proud to say, ‘We’ve never, ever taken our foot off the pedal when it comes to education. 

Julie Evans

‘In fact, during the various Covid lockdowns of the past 20 months, our training has actually accelerated as our teams used online video to ensure that we touched base with every franchisee and every team member across all our salons at least once a week.’

This commitment meant that not only did they hold on to valuable team members at a time when salons couldn’t open – they kept them engaged and upskilled them ready for the massive demand as clients flocked back to lose their lockdown look.

Delivering an experience

Julie explains that the Rodney Wayne training process extends across every role in every salon – franchisees who are the business owners; the salon managers who are also trainers themselves; the stylists who must stay abreast of trends in looks and techniques; and the apprentices, who start with the basic fundamentals and become the stars of the future.

‘Each new team member must be fully immersed in the Rodney Wayne experience of outstanding service, superior products and a totally pampering environment,’ says Julie. That’s why the setting for the training is important to give the team an appreciation for that luxury, and help deliver the same consistent experience for their clients.’

She recalls one standout course for managers in their bespoke three-year Rhythm of Leadership training series which involved two days of wellness education covering both health and finances, as well as a visit to the fabulous Puketutu Island Estate. ‘It was all good fun, and could only help managers deliver the required luxury environment for clients upon returning to their respective salons.’

Julie likens each Rodney Wayne salon to a theatre: the team training room is back-stage, while the salon is the stage where the focus is all about client experience. ‘That’s where the magic happens,’ she explains. ‘It’s all about attention to detail, and making each client feel like they are special.

‘That experience is the very essence of what makes our brand stand out from its competitors – and what makes it such a good investment for franchisees.’

Ready for the new world

Lockdown training included three or four sessions per week around techniques, global trends and – to prepare for re-opening – subjects such as ‘overcoming home haircare disasters’ and ‘techniques for embracing the grey.’

‘Apart from staying on top of trends in colours, styles and aesthetics, training must now cover the necessary health requirements around Covid-19. ‘We even provide tools to help our teams navigate any difficult conversations around vaccination compliance,’ says Julie. ‘That includes the touchpoints to help them confidently manage or move away from those conversations, which have the potential to make everyone uncomfortable.’

There’s been a wealth of advice and assistance delivered to franchisees in recent times around other issues, too, such as negotiating rents, HR and preparing for the new mandated business environment.

Stylists and apprentices have been well looked after with programmes ranging from health and wellbeing to mindfulness, yoga and financial wellness – everything to help them reach their full personal ability and earning potential. ‘An age-old value of Rodney Wayne is to develop talent according to ability, not seniority, and our network-wide training programme helps franchisees find and develop those people,’ Julie explains.

Positive outcomes

Mandy Bebb is floor manager for the Rodney Wayne salon in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton. With an extensive background in the hair industry, Mandy is totally sold on Rodney Wayne’s ‘excellence’ approach to service and training. ‘They are always on trend – always up with the latest thinking,’ she says.

Mandy sees first-hand the positive outcomes – especially team retention, and therefore client retention. ‘They naturally go hand-in-hand,’ she points out.

‘Our Rodney Wayne culture says, “If you’re not helping a client, you’re helping somebody who is”, which is why our support system is so important,’ explains Mandy. ‘Having your stylists focused 100 percent on the client’s journey, delivering an excellent consultation and driving an exceptional service to make the client feel great, all while listening and caring – that is so valuable,’ says Mandy.

Peace of mind for franchisees

Rodney Wayne’s track record serves as a reminder of the franchise model’s power when it comes to training and developing team members, says Julie. ‘We have over 50 salons and Shampoo ‘n’ Things shops around the country, and several of our franchisees own multiple outlets. Like all business owners, they have a thousand other tasks to occupy their time, so having the planning systems, resources and total support of a proven franchise to rely on provides incredible peace of mind – and lets them get on with managing growth.

‘If you want to benefit from our commitment to excellence, and have the personality and business nous to run your own salon, do get in touch with me. We have opportunities around the country.’   

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