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Jani-King franchisee helps young Pasifika couples into their own business

A new start: Saloni, Larry, Vikul and Helen

Leatuao Larry Tupa’i-Lavea has several roles: father, husband, priest and entrepreneur. Heavily involved in the Pasifika (and especially Samoan) communities, he uses all his experience to get young people into business.

‘I started my own business career when I was nine, sweeping floors at a superette in return for a go on the Spacie machines,’ he laughs. ‘The owner helped me learn and, when he sold the store, he helped me get a job with McDonald’s. I moved up through the ranks there, working in Australia and Singapore before I was called to the ministry. I wanted to work in the community so I then went out into the world and ended up owning a group of petrol stations – as well as becoming Anglican Archdeacon for the Diocese of Polynesia.

‘When a young friend was getting married, I said I’d help the pair of them get into a business. That was how I began my association with Jani-King, the commercial cleaning franchise. I met Brian Valentine, the Regional Manager for Auckland, and we immediately hit it off. My wife Helen and I realised the franchise would be an ideal partner, so I became a franchisee in Auckland.

‘Since then, I have helped many couples into business through Jani-King. To me they exemplify what an organisation should be – putting people first. In my experience, if you do that, you get genuine growth.’

Invest in yourself

Jani-King is one of the best-known commercial cleaning brands in the world. The company came to New Zealand in 1997 and has over 400 franchisees here servicing both corporate and individual clients.

‘Our success and growth are down to the fact we invest in people, and our franchisees invest in themselves,’ explains Brian. ‘We train them in how to provide a professional service, how to run a business, and how to grow. They enjoy a guaranteed revenue, positive lifestyle, flexibility, local operational and administrative support and, last but not least, the opportunity to achieve financial independence.

‘Some of our franchisees started as part-time, built up to full-time and moved on to employing teams – and some are turning over more than $1 million a year!’

Be committed

Larry explains, ‘When you join Jani-King, you choose what level of business you want to start with. The company can tailor a package especially for you which includes all training, equipment and contracts worth, for example, $4-5,000 per month. You can stay at that level or grow from there. It’s a low-cost, low-risk route into business.

‘But you must have the desire – if you are just interested in buying a job, you are not suited to Jani-King. Taking on the responsibility of investment in yourself will make you a much better business person – and a much more successful franchisee.’

Brian suggests, ‘The ideal franchisee for Jani-King is a husband-and-wife team looking to start in business and earn extra income, but who are invested in the long-term performance and growth of their franchise. That takes commitment. A traditional cleaning company hires people for wages, and their biggest problem is that their workforce doesn’t always turn up. Our franchisees turn up because they care about those clients, they care about doing a good job, and they care about making the most of their investment in their own business.’

Genuine desire

Larry says, ‘I love the fact that we can provide opportunities for other people to become entrepreneurs. We have far too many people unemployed in South Auckland and around the country, so to get people on to the pathway and investing in them – well, for me, that’s what business is about. I don’t want half-hearted people though – it takes a lot of energy!’

Brian concludes, ‘I had the honour of attending a lunch to celebrate one of Larry and Helen’s employees leaving to take up a franchise with Jani-King. It was a most moving occasion, and a measure of their genuine desire to see others succeed.

‘If you want to succeed too, wherever you are, come and talk to us. We can set you on the path to success.’   

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