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last updated 31/03/2022

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by Woolgro

last updated 31/03/2022

Woolgro franchisees keep New Zealand green with a profitable local product

Everyone loves a Woolgro lawn

As climate change affects us all more and more, so consumers and corporates alike are aware of the need to make better choices. ‘Instead of working against nature, we have to work with it,’ says Geoff Luke. ‘And that’s one of the reasons why Woolgro has become so popular in recent years. It’s an all-natural lawn product that’s sustainable, natural and friendly to the environment – and it’s guaranteed to grow.

‘With building, renovation and landscaping experiencing major growth, we need more franchisees nationwide to help meet demand and keep New Zealand green. You don’t need experience as long as you’re a bit practical and enjoy working outside – it’s easy to sell, quick to install, and you’re not reliant on an hourly rate for income. There’s a margin on product, and some full-time franchisees now have staff to meet demand. It’s not seasonal, either – Woolgro lawns can be laid all year round.’

A better alternative

Woolgro is a New Zealand invention designed to create a better alternative to seeded lawns or ready-laid turf. ‘Developers often put down turf tiles which look ok for a short time, but then die because they have their root system damaged. Equally, seeded lawns have to be constantly protected from birds and weeds, and heavy rain can wash the lot away. Both can produce very uneven results – but not Woolgro.’

Woolgro comes as a mat made from 100% natural wool blended with recycled jute fibre from coffee sacks and a choice of grass seed. The seed is ingrained in the mat, protecting it from birds and taking the guesswork out of how much seed is needed and trying to spread it evenly. The mat also contains a range of natural nutrients, retains moisture and suppresses weeds.

‘The result is quick and easy to lay, and can be cut to any shape,’ says Geoff. ‘Unlike turf, it’s so light you can carry a roll under each arm and, with installed irrigation and our regular follow-up checks, the system is guaranteed. You can easily spot our lawns in a new development – they’re the ones that don’t die.’

Full-time or add-on opportunities

Woolgro is looking for new full-time franchisees in key areas including Wellington, Waikato, Central Otago and Hawkes Bay. Franchises are available from $25,000 to $50,000 +gst depending on location, and can offer a healthy income and return on investment.

‘We also have opportunities in smaller areas,’ Geoff says. ‘Woolgro makes a perfect add-on for someone with an existing irrigation, landscaping, lawnmowing or maintenance business, offering an additional and very profitable source of income.

‘Call me to find out more  about Woolgro.’   

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