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by Woolgro

last updated 16/09/2021

Green Means Go

by Woolgro

last updated 16/09/2021

Woolgro is a full-time or add-on business with a great natural product

Become your local premium lawn expert with a Woolgro franchise

A Woolgro lawn is second to none. That’s Mike Titchener’s opinion, and he knows what he’s talking about. Having qualified with a Bachelor of Horticulture degree from Massey, Mike was so impressed with what he learned about Woolgro that he bought the franchise for West Auckland. Now he’s delighting domestic and commercial customers alike with rich, green, sure-to-grow grass.

So what makes Woolgro different? Rather than being sown, sprayed, or rolled-out turf, Woolgro comes as a paper-backed mat made of natural wool combined with recycled jute from coffee sacks and a choice of grass seed. The wool contains a handy range of natural nutrients while the fibres retain moisture. It’s manufactured in ten fine layers and every layer has seed in.

‘The result is quick and easy to lay, can be cut to any shape and, best of all, the seeds are trapped and evenly-spaced so heavy rain or birds can’t affect them,’ explains franchisor Geoff Luke. ‘The thickness of the matting suppresses weeds while the lawn is being established. With installed irrigation and our regular follow-up checks, the system is guaranteed. You can easily spot our lawns in a new development – they’re the ones that don’t die.’

Healthy income

With building, renovation and landscaping experiencing major growth, Woolgro is looking for new full-time franchisees in Wellington, Waikato, Central Otago and Hawkes Bay. Franchises are available from $25,000 to $50,000 or more +gst depending on location, and can offer a healthy income and return on investment.

‘We also have opportunities in smaller areas,’ Geoff says. ‘Woolgro makes a perfect add-on for someone with an existing irrigation, landscaping, lawnmowing or maintenance business, offering an additional and very profitable source of income.

‘Become your local premium lawn expert by using our knowledge and unique, innovative Kiwi product. It’s easy to sell and quick to install simply by following our well-developed methods, and it means you’re not reliant on an hourly rate for income – there’s a margin on product, and some full-time franchisees now have staff to meet demand. It’s not seasonal, either – Woolgro lawns can be laid all year round, much to the delight of developers.’

Woolgro is looking for people who enjoy talking to all sorts of clients, have the right attitude and can deliver a great customer experience every time. ‘You don’t need experience as long as you’re a bit practical and enjoy working outside,’ says Geoff. ‘If you want a sustainable business with a unique product, call me today.’   

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