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Ride The Crest With Regional Opportunities

by CrestClean

last updated 16/09/2021

CrestClean offers franchisees the chance to get ahead faster

Richard and Devina Chand: 'A double windfall'

Quieter roads, a healthier lifestyle and the opportunity to get ahead attracted Sameeta Kumar and Nischal Lal to the South Island. Now, with the busy traffic and soaring house prices of Auckland behind them, the CrestClean franchisees ‘Wouldn’t change it for anything’.

Having more than doubled the size of their business, become proud parents and bought a beautiful new home in a safe, close-knit community, all the couple’s dreams have come true.

 ‘We like it a lot,’ says Sameeta. ‘The longest drive we have from one clean to the next is 10 minutes, and a tank of fuel lasts us two weeks. We’re saving so much time and money, which we can invest back into our family. And the community’s very supportive – everyone knows everyone, so you feel very safe. It’s really nice.’

Sameeta and Nischal relocated to Nelson, then Blenheim, under CrestClean’s Move to the Regions programme, which has successfully relocated more than 100 families and couples to towns throughout New Zealand.

The programme offers financial support towards relocation costs and on-the-ground advice and assistance from CrestClean’s dedicated Regional Managers to help those who make the move settle into their new towns and business.

‘We wanted to grow our family and have a house, like everyone does,’ Sameeta says. ‘But, to survive in New Zealand you’ve got to have a really good income, and our other jobs, nursing and cheffing, just didn’t cut it. Without CrestClean, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I think it would have taken us much longer to buy a house otherwise – we’re so glad we made the move.’

Success – it’s not just money

Over the past 18 months CrestClean has seen an increased interest in people seeking regional business opportunities. ‘The way people view success is changing,’ says Grant McLauchlan, CrestClean’s Managing Director. ‘Financial success is no longer seen as the primary goal – a healthy, balanced lifestyle is at the top of the list as well.’

‘With our regional business opportunities, franchisees are achieving both. Sameeta and Nischal are among a growing number of regional success stories for CrestClean.’

With a heightened awareness and emphasis on the need for healthy, clean schools and workplaces, a CrestClean franchise is a secure business proposition in the current climate, says Grant.

‘The earning potential is the same, regardless of the region, but in the smaller regions outgoings tend to be less: for instance, rent and house prices are lower and it costs less to travel to and from work. Buying a CrestClean business is often the first step on the property ladder for our franchisees. It is more affordable than a house, and the increased income enables them to save faster for a deposit on their first home.’

Double benefit

For Richard and Devina Chand, life in the regions has resulted in a growing property portfolio and a university education. By moving from Auckland to Invercargill, Richard was able to take advantage of the Southern Institute of Technology’s Zero Fees scheme to finish his accounting degree, while working in his CrestClean business.

‘I couldn’t afford the fees in Auckland, so I had to stop studying after the first year. Then a friend recommended CrestClean,’ says Richard. ‘It was a double windfall.’

After growing a successful business in Invercargill and purchasing two rental properties, Richard and Devina transferred to Gore where they have just built a spacious, four-bedroom home. ‘House prices are sky-high in Auckland so it wouldn’t have been possible. Plus, the rent is so high, it would have taken me ages to save up,’ says Richard.

Having completed his degree, Richard now works as a senior accountant for a local firm during the day, and in his CrestClean business in the evening — and he is loving all that small-town life has to offer.

‘You hardly ever hear of any wrong-doing or crime here. The people are friendly, and everyone knows me,’ says Richard. ‘I live about two minutes from work and as all my cleaning sites are five minutes apart, I don’t have to travel far for any of my jobs.’

More relaxed

In the same way, Sandeep Kumar and Richa Sharma have also built a successful business and are enjoying a better lifestyle after moving from Auckland to Ashburton with CrestClean’s Move to the Regions programme.

Gone are the 4am starts, the battle with traffic on the daily commute, and hours stuck on gridlocked roads that added extra stress to their busy day. They love their new surroundings, the lack of traffic and the vista of the snow-capped mountains while they drive to their customers.

With a six-figure turnover and a spacious home of their own in which to raise their family, they have achieved dreams that they say would have been impossible if they had stayed in Auckland.

‘It was a really good decision and we both enjoy Ashburton. It’s a good place and there’s quite a lot happening in the town,’ says Sandeep. ‘We are doing really well here, and we have a relaxed lifestyle compared with when we were in Auckland.’

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