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by Hudsons

last updated 16/09/2021

Something Different

by Hudsons

last updated 16/09/2021

Hudsons serves up a fresh option from an established franchise

Hudsons locations are available nationwide

Simple, fresh, healthy and just a bit upmarket. Oh, and great coffee too (not to mention the hot chocolate). If you’re looking for a café franchise with a well-proven business model, and which still has the best locations available all round the country, read on.

Hudsons was founded on Melbourne’s famous Elizabeth Street way back in 1998. Since then, it’s grown across Australia and Singapore, plus three outlets in New Zealand – one company-owned at Auckland Domestic Airport, and two in Wellington owned by Khushboo Badiyani, the master franchise holder for Hudsons in New Zealand.

With both stores established and performing well – Hudsons Queensgate won the 2021 Sweet As Hot Chocolate Challenge in Lower Hutt – Khushboo is now ready to appoint franchisees to other key locations around the country.

‘Why did I choose Hudsons?’ Khushboo asks herself. ‘Because it is different. Because it has room for growth. And because it has that “wow” factor that attracts people and keeps them coming back.’

Three reasons to choose Hudsons

Khushboo lists three key advantages of Hudsons.

‘The first is the outstanding level of fit-out, from the décor and furniture to a coffee machine which is comparable to the Rolls Royce of the industry. It’s all top-of-the-range, with New Zealand franchisees treated to a whole new look and feel.

‘The same approach has been applied to the coffee blends, including our go-to Premium blend, a stronger Barista’s Choice and a single-origin Peruvian blend with flavour notes of dark chocolate. When it comes to food, our emphasis is on freshly-made, healthy and convenient food. In addition to classics such as ham and cheese croissants and chicken and avocado wraps, we provide fresh, seasonal flavours with plant-based sandwich options, protein pots and fresh fruit pots.  And for the odd indulgent treat, there is a selection of sweets such as muffins, tarts and slices – a defined range of quality products.’

The second key advantage for franchisees is the high-level brand support. Hudsons is owned by Emirates Leisure Retail Australia, a division of Emirates Group, giving it access to enormous marketing expertise and buying power.

‘Knowing that there was such strong financial backing and hospitality sector expertise was very important for me when making my purchasing decision,’ recalls Khushboo. ‘I came from the corporate sector myself, so I know the value of such things – it gave me a real sense of confidence in the brand.’

And the third advantage is that Hudsons is still new to New Zealand, and therefore offers exciting opportunities for Kiwis to open key locations which are no longer available in other brands: major city suburbs, regional centres, and shopping areas with high foot traffic.

Right personality, right training

Khushboo says that new franchisees don’t need hospitality experience, although it can be helpful. ‘Skills can be easily learned. What’s more important is that you have the right personality – passionate about coffee, don’t mind rolling your sleeves up and working hard, and have very good people skills. After all, you’ll be spending much of your time interacting with customers.

Our philosophy at Hudsons is all about making the customers’ day. If they leave our cafés happier and satisfied with the whole experience, then we have done our job.’

Khushboo proves the effectiveness of the franchise training programme, having completed it herself, and says there is extensive online training as well as onsite training to help you make the transition to owning your own café. ‘It covers everything: knowledge about coffee beans, coffee making, food menus and food safety, as well as product procurement, point-of-sale training, hiring and managing staff.’

Amazing support

Looking back, Khushboo describes the support she has received in her new venture as ‘amazing’ – in particular, the advice she received from her Hudsons business coach. ‘I’ve been able to pick up the phone to ask for advice or guidance anytime, which is an excellent demonstration of the franchisor’s commitment – and that’s the sort of support we’re replicating here in New Zealand.’

The up-front investment required ranges from $300,000 to $500,000, with lower investment compact store concepts being developed in the future. ‘As I’ve already proved in my first two cafés, the franchise can offer an excellent return on investment, and being a fresh new name in the market here is a definite advantage,’ Khushboo says.

Good timing

Although the pandemic caused major disruption for existing operators, Khushboo believes the café environment is looking positive with landlords prepared to negotiate rents, more exciting retail developments opening up and people eager to support local businesses.

She knows from her own experience how rewarding a Hudsons franchise can be, not just from a financial point of view but also for personal satisfaction.

‘When chatting to customers, they tell me our unique three coffee blends and food offering are real stand-outs. When I see their excitement at what we have to offer, it truly makes my day.

‘If joining an exciting new international café brand with rock-solid backing appeals to you, give me a call and let’s catch up over a coffee. I’d love to tell you more.’   

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